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Discontinued - Jandy Flo Pro Variable Speed Pump 2.0 HP

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This product will be shipped on 02/24/2026

Jandy FloPro Variable Speed Pump BROCHURE (Jandy_FloPro_Variable_Speed_Pump_Brochure.pdf, 6,831 Kb) [Download]

Jandy FloPro Variable Speed Pump USER INTERFACE (Jandy_FloPro_Variable_Speed_Pump_USER_INTERFACE.pdf, 2,928 Kb) [Download]

Really enjoying the new jandy pump, took my hydro bill down in the first month of use and i couldnt be more pleased!! pool water is cleaner then ever at half the cost. good stuff!
Other than having to go buy the connectors to install it into our system which was a hassle where we live we're otherwise happy with our Jandy pump. Our new hotub runs perfectly next to the pool and it has more than enough power to run both. We recommend Jandy to anyone who wants to add a hot tub to their pool too.
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