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Smart Pool PE22 PoolEye Alarm System for Inground Pools

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The PoolEye Alarm with Infrared Perimeter Detection by SmartPool is a safety alarm system that sounds when an unauthorized person enters the swimming pool. This alarm system features an added infrared night vision protection that monitors the entire pool area for optimal safety.In addition to sub-surface wave detection technology, which uses sensors that are positioned below the water’s surface to trigger an alarm when there is a change in pressure, this pool alarm also eliminates false alarms due to weather.

Key Features

  • Equipped with an in-home remote alarm that alerts you with either a human voice or a siren depending on the intrusion level and weight
  • Suitable for inground pools up to 18 x 36 ft
  • Detects objects weighing 15lbs or more and features adjustable sensitivity
  • 120 decibel siren

Product Warranty: 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty

PoolEye PE22 Manual (pe22-om.pdf, 3,893 Kb) [Download]

French (2013_PE22_Manual_FRENCH.pdf, 604 Kb) [Download]

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