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White Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit (Kit B - 3 Sections)

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Keep your above ground pool safe with an above ground pool fence kit! The modular fence is made from sturdy yet lightweight rustproof resin and can be installed by pool owners with little effort. The attractive fencing keeps toys, balls and floats within the pool and at the same time minimizes pool use by unauthorized guests and pets.

Our above ground pool fencing system fits most popular above ground pools and can be purchased in as many or as few sections as needed.


  • White in colour
  • Maintenance free resin fence
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • Fits most popular above ground pool models
  • Helps decrease risk of unauthorized use of pool and keeps toys, balls and floats in pool
  • Very attractive - enhances appearance of pool
  • Modular packaging - buy as many sections as you need
  • Fence is 22.5" tall, distance between posts is 61" and between each spindle is 3.87"

Sizes and Specifications

Kit Descriptions
Base Kit - A 8 section base kit, every installation will require one base kit. Base kits include two end posts - one to start the installation, and one to complete the installation.
Add-on - Kit B 3 section add-on kit. Expands a base kit "A" by 3 sections.
Add-on - Kit C 2 section add-on kit. Expands a base kit "A" by 2 sections.
Add-on - GateAdd a entrance gate to your fence.

The number of fence sections on a pool vary by pool size, shape and manufacturer as well as decks, ladders and other forms of entrance systems to the pool. One fence section covers one pool top seat/top rail, or the distance between two pool uprights. To determine required kits, please refer to list below.

Number of top seats Required Kits
8 1a
10 1a, 1c
11 1a, 1b
12 1a, 2c
13 1a, 1b, 1c
14 1a, 2b
15 1a,1b,2c
16 1a, 2b, 1c
17 1a, 3b
18 1a, 2b, 2c
19 1a, 3b, 1c
20 1a, 4b
21 1a,3b, 2c
22 1a,4b,1c
23 1a, 5b
24 1a, 4b, 2c

How many sections does my pool have?

12' Round - 10 Sections
15' Round - 10 Sections
18' Round - 12 Sections
21' Round - 16 Sections
24' Round - 16 Sections
27' Round - 18 Sections
30' Round - 20 Sections
12x18 Oval - 12 Sections
12x24 Oval - 16 Sections
15x24 Oval - 16 Sections
15x30 Oval - 16 Sections
18x33 Oval - 18 Sections

White Above Ground Pool Fence B Kit Manual (White_Above_Ground_Fence_Kit_B_3_Sections_manual_KITB.pdf, 4,968 Kb) [Télécharger]

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