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Q - Can I install an above ground pool in the ground?

A- Above ground pools are engineered & designed to be installed above the ground only. In order to maintain the structural integrity of the pool it is not recommended to bury the pool wall more than a few inches. The only exception would be if a proper retaining wall is built and drainage tile is laid as well no backfill placed against the pool structure. You should speak to one of our pool experts before considering this option. Your pool warranty can be voided if the pool wall is backfilled against and or buried more than a few inches into the ground, additionally there is a possibility of the pool wall imploding when the water level is lowered. If you are interested in submerging a pool, we offer semi-inground and inground pool kits that would be more suitable for this application.

Q- Can I install my pool if the ground isn't level?

A- It is never recommended to install any pool unless the ground has been properly graded and leveled. The reason for this is the structure of the pool can be affected by the improper weight distribution of the water level and weaken it. Proper water circulation can also be affected by uneven water levels which can subsequently create issues with the water chemistry of the pool. By properly grading and tamping the ground prior to installation you are providing an initial protection to your investment and creating a sound base which will hold your pool for years to come. It is highly recommended to rent or borrow a transit leveler to assist in the tedious process of leveling your pool. Be sure to focus the greatest amount of attention on the radius track of the pool. TIP: The track of the pool should be leveled within a 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch. The most important part of any pool installation is leveling the ground – be sure to take great care when doing this.

Q- Can I install my pool on a concrete base?

A – You can install an above ground pool on a concrete base but only if it is a round model; never oval, due to the buttress that require being buried below grade. The concrete pad must still be properly graded with a mason sand base underneath it. Once the base is settled and dried the pool installation can then be done. Ensure pool track is perfectly levelled within a 1/8 inch or better on a concrete pad. Highly advised that the use of pool foam cove is used on concrete pool bases. Do be mindful that the base of concrete will need to be approximately 1 – 2 feet larger around the diameter of the pool.

Q- Can I use salt on any above ground pool?

A- All above ground pool models have steel walls however only those with resin components (I.e. top rail, bottom rail, top stabilizer track and plates) are recommended for use with a salt system. The reason for this is the corrosive properties of salt can affect any exposed metal components on the pool. Seeing that the metal wall is lined and the remainder of the exposed components are resin, the manufactures deem these pools salt water friendly and fully warrant them for use with Salt water. TIP: It is highly recommended to use a wall foam lining behind the liner.

Q- Do you have to take an above ground pool down every winter?

A – No. True above ground pools are designed to be left up year round. It is relatively simple to winterize an above ground pool in several basic steps and a fairly short period of time. A properly closed pool can stand through years of Canadian Winters. Generally ¾ of the pool water is left in the pool during the Winter period, this is imperative as the engineering of the pool would fail if completely drained. Be sure to follow the Winterizing instructions for your pool closely! TIP: Never plug your skimmer hole! Additionally, remove all attached hose at the bottom of the skimmer and ensure water can clearly pass through the skimmer. Failure to do this will cause buckling at your pool wall and potentially irreversible damages which are not covered under manufactures warranties.

Q- Can we install an above ground pool ourselves?

A- Above ground pools are relatively basic to set up and most people can readily do this within a few days, we’re happy to report that thousands of our customers have taken on this task successfully. Each pool comes with a step by step instruction manual as well as installation and plumbing manuals are available online. For added convenience we also have generic videos posted on our site & YouTube to assist you with the planning and installation of your pool.

Q- Can we make a deep end in an above ground pool?

A – The design of an above ground pool is mainly for a constant water depth whereas an inground pool design can have multiple depths due to the more variable design structure which goes into the ground. An above ground design is limited to round pools only being gradually dished out in the center by no more than 6 – 12 inches (depending on pool size). This has much to do with how far the pool liner will stretch and as well the structural design of the above ground wall.

Q – Can we put a slide or diving board on an above ground pool?

A- You should not install a slide or diving board on an above ground pool as the depth is not sufficient to handle the impact of some people as they enter the water. It can become a serious hazard for spinal and head injuries and even death. Slides as well as diving boards are meant for properly designed inground pools only. We strongly recommend that you do not install or use slides or diving boards on any above ground pool. All bathers should practice feet first entry and enjoy swimming safely.

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