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by Dion Rodrigues

Learn How Eliminator Winter Covers are Better

Safety covers are the preferred choice of pool owners who want the safest, most cost effective method of protecting their pool in all seasons. Pool safety covers are highly resilient, and incredibly strong making them a top choice for Canadian pool owners.

Pool safety covers:

  • Can withstand the harsh Canadian winter including heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures
  • Support the weight of animals, people, and debris so you don’t have to worry about children or pets falling into your covered pool
  • Protect your pool lining from damage
  • Last much longer than regular pool covers
  • Remove the need to pump stagnant water off your pool cover in the spring when you open your pool (as is the case with standard tarps)
  • Require minimal upkeep
  • Are easy and fast to setup

How do pool safety covers provide such reliability and durability? It all comes down to how they are manufactured. But not all pool safety covers are the same. Broadly speaking pool safety covers can be broken down into two groups: mesh and solid.

How mesh safety covers are made

Mesh safety covers are generally the most inexpensive safety pool cover option, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t engineered to meet the highest standards. Made of strong, durable polypropylene fabric, mesh safety covers are weaved tightly together to provide a very high tensile strength, capable of supporting heavy loads. Mesh safety covers are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials, an internationally recognised materials testing body with over 12, 000 standards operating around the word.

Within the category of mesh covers there is a lot of diversity. Depending on the fabric material, fabric weaving and other aspects of manufacturing, different mesh pool covers have unique strengths and weaknesses.

Some pool covers use a specialized mesh that protects your pool from UV rays, which lead to algae growth. These mesh safety covers are more tightly woven than other mesh covers, allowing water to flow off of it (rather than seeping through the mesh). Tightly woven mesh covers are usually stronger and lighter than other types of mesh safety covers.

How solid safety covers are made

Solid safety covers are made from laminated vinyl polyester fabric, which does not allow water or light to seep through and is stronger than most mesh covers. This means that come spring you don’t have to pump your pool, as no snow or rain will be able to pass through the cover, and by blocking UV rays, any water that is in the pool won’t be home to algae.

4 things you didn’t know about how safety pool covers are made

  1. They are made out of high tech, state of the art materials like polypropylene fabric, and vinyl laminated polyester
  2. They are meet and exceed ASTM and other Canadian safety standards
  3. Their tensile strength is sufficient to support the weight of people, pets, animals and snow
  4. They are manufactured to such a high standard that they often come with a 12 to 20-year warranty.

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