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Pool Supplies Canada is proud to carry Canada’s largest selection of custom replacement hot tub covers online. Regardless of your hot tub or spa's shape, size, make or model, we can manufacture a custom replacement cover to fit it - guaranteed!

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Having a hot tub cover that fits your spa perfectly is crucial, as it helps to keep heat in and reduce evaporation. If your hot tub cover is not fitted to your tub or spa properly, you should consider a replacement. If you are unsure of how to measure your hot tub cover, click here to download our helpful how-to measuring guide. Our guide walks you through how to measure the different dimensions required to custom make your cover, as well as the tools required to ensure proper measurements are supplied.

If you still need some help measuring for your replacement hot tub cover, or what to look for in order to ensure a perfect fit, contact us and one of our specialists would be happy to help!

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