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The Mommy Moment Backyard Makeover With Pool Supplies Canada

by Dion Rodrigues

Mommy Moment Blog Post

Our friends at The Mommy Moment recently completed a backyard make over, complete with a new pool from Pool Supplies Canada. To read all about their experience in choosing their new Creation above ground pool, preparing their ground work and completing the installation, and to see their finished backyard layout (complete with deck), click below to read the full article!

The 5 Best Spring Break Pool Toys for Kids

by Dion Rodrigues

Best Spring Break Toys

If you're on the hunt for pool games and toys for Spring Break, look no further! Pool Supplies Canada has the best and widest selection of pool toys, floats and games available online. So, what toys does your pool need for Spring and Summer fun? Here are our 5 picks for guaranteed fun!

Ontario Cutting Electricity Bills by 25 Per Cent

by Dion Rodrigues

Ontario Cutting Electricity Bills by 25 Per Cent

Starting this Summer, the Government of Ontario is going to be introducing a new Fair Hydro Plan that will cut the cost of hydro in households across the province by 25 per cent. What does this mean for you, the home pool owner? It means BIG savings in pool operations costs, including the cost to run your pump or heat your pool!

Customers using pool heating products such at the electric K-Star heater will see the biggest savings, as these electric resistance heating products typically have the highest running rates. Users of electric heat pumps will also see cost benefit, despite these heating products already being between 3 and 6 times more efficient then electric resistance heating units, such as the K-Star product.

6 Ways Your Hot Tub Can Improve Your Health

by Dion Rodrigues

6 Ways Your Hot Tub Can Improve Your Health

Our health and well-being is the most important thing we regularly neglect. We get caught up in our commitments and forget to take the time to take care of ourselves. Good news. You can start improving your well-being by soaking in a hot tub. In fact, it’s almost hard to believe you can enjoy the following benefits while relaxing, and doing nothing at all.

Relieve Back (and Other Muscle) Pain Naturally

Back pain is a common complaint as we age, and nearly everyone will experience it. Not only will regularly soaking in a hot tub decrease the intensity and duration of pain, it will also improve mobility. Heat relaxes the muscles and the jets amplify this relaxation with a massaging effect. Water also provides a gentle resistance, keeping your muscles from stiffening from inactivity. With regular use a hot tub will reduce your intake of anti-inflammatories and pain medication.

Amazing Reasons why Swimming is Good for your Heart

by Dion Rodrigues

Amazing Reasons why Swimming is Good for your Heart

February is Heart Month, and if you’re looking for an exercise that improves your heart and lung capacity but is also easy on your body, look no further then your backyard swimming pool!

Swimming has been scientifically proven to improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve your blood pressure, help improve your overall fitness, and more – all while putting less strain on your connecting tissues then running, weight lifting or other forms of weight training typically do.

Extending Your Swimming Season - Some Surprising Facts

by Dion Rodrigues

Extend Your Swimming Season With Some Surprising Facts

With the days of summer long gone, you may be wishing that you could somehow extend your swimming season into the fall and winter months (without having to move south for the winter). With our mild weather this year, is it possible to keep a pool open and running in November and December?

The Canadian climate can cause some problems when it comes to extending your swimming season. But you’ll find that with the right equipment you’ll be able to enjoy your pool even as the days grow shorter and the temperature drops. All you need to do is remember a few of these surprising facts.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub Over the Holidays!

by Dion Rodrigues

Enjoy Your Spa This Holiday Season

Gone are the days of huge shopping lineups and holiday shopping stress — at least for some of the population. It’s not that they are scrooges who don’t want to buy for their loved ones, they’ve just discovered the best ways to shop for gifts online.

Pool Supplies Canada is a testament to this, as seen in our unique online hot tub accessory line up that debuted in 2009. Since then, we’ve expanded our catalog and continue to sell top of the line pool and hot tub products – our loyal customers will tell you our growth can be attributed to our easy ordering process, fast shipping times and the fact we have the best pricing in Canada.

Preparing Your Hot Tub For the Winter

by Dion Rodrigues

Prepping Your Hot Tub For the Coming Winter with Pool Supplies Canada

Many Canadians know the joy of defying winter, heading outside in your swim trunks and slipping into a hot tub. Imagine the water’s heat relaxing your muscles; the air’s bracing cold as it carries snowflakes down to earth. For those who love the cold (or can’t afford another trip to Florida) a hot tub is an invigorating way to enjoy our long Canadian winter months.

We haven’t quite gotten to those frigid temperatures yet, but the cold and snow could come any day now. To really enjoy the snowy days, you’ll want to start prepping your hot tub - sooner rather than later if you haven’t done so already. Here’s why you should change your hot tub’s water before the temperature gets too cold.

5 Pool Products to Pick Up this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

by Dion Rodrigues

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from Pool Supplies Canada

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, which means for one weekend only you'll be able to find great deals from Pool Supplies Canada.ca and save up to 80%! Here are our top 5 special offers on pool equipment, supplies and accessories you can look forward to this coming Black Friday weekend.

1) Dolphin Premium Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner with BlueTooth Technology

The Dolphin Premium robotic pool cleaner is the latest and greatest automatic cleaner model available from Maytronics' Dolphin brand, bringing Bluetooth mobile phone control and high efficiency cleaning to your inground swimming pool. This Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend only, you'll be able to save over $1000 off the regular price of this amazing pool cleaner - this is one offer you should not miss!

Keeping Your Backyard Safe this Halloween

by Dion Rodrigues

Keep your pool safe on Halloween

A certain amount of mischief accompanies Halloween. Even with a little good natured rule bending it’s important to take safety into account. For pool owners this means minimizing the risks associated with your pool. Eager trick-or-treaters will sometimes cut through back yards or hop fences in search of short cuts. In the dark, amidst the night’s excitement, not to mention vision obscuring masks, someone could easily fail to notice a dark pool covering.

To keep your backyard absolutely safe, even for intrepid and unexpected trick-or-treaters, we recommend purchasing a safety cover for your pool. Here’s why.

Other Pool Covers Don’t Match Up

A safety cover is the best option for maintaining a clean and safe pool area. Safety covers are designed to support a large amount of weight and do not have any spaces that a person or animal can slip through. Although it’s not recommended you can walk across a safety cover.

The Worst Things to Find in Your Pool

by Dion Rodrigues

The 2 Worst Things to Find In Your Pool

Anyone whose job involves cleaning a pool knows there are some things that you just don’t want to see. For pool cleaners and pool owners alike, two of the worst (and most common) pool problems are:


Getting glass out of your pool can be a nightmare. Glass can get into the pool in any number of ways. Glass patio tables thrown by the wind (or a rambunctious party guest), broken eyeglasses, even lawn ornaments can all end up in your pool. But by far the most common way that glass gets into the pool, as you might expect, is in the form of broken bottles or drinking glasses - usually after a particularly rowdy house party.

How to Choose the Best Pool Heater For You

by Dion Rodrigues

How to Choose the Best Pool Heater For You

If you’re a Canadian and you have a pool you should consider getting a pool heater! With a pool heater you will be able to swim more months of the year and later into the evening. Extending your pool season just makes sense, but with a variety of heaters on the market it is important to first consider which will work best for your pool. Here are some of the factors you should consider before choosing your pool heater.

1. Size Matters

Consider the size of your pool and the size of your heater as well as temperature you’re aiming for. A simple rules of thumb is that a large pool requires a larger heater (but keep in mind that a larger heater will cost more to operate).

The following chart will act as a guideline, but it’s still a good idea to talk to a specialist at Pool Supplies Canada if you’re unsure.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About How Safety Covers Are Made

by Dion Rodrigues

4 interesting things about safety covers

Safety covers are the preferred choice of pool owners who want the safest, most cost effective method of protecting their pool in all seasons. Pool safety covers are highly resilient, and incredibly strong making them a top choice for Canadian pool owners.

Pool safety covers:

  • - Can withstand the harsh Canadian winter including heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures
  • - Support the weight of animals, people, and debris so you don’t have to worry about children or pets falling into your covered pool
  • - Protect your pool lining from damage
  • - Last much longer than regular pool covers
  • - Remove the need to pump stagnant water off your pool cover in the spring when you open your pool (as is the case with standard tarps)
  • - Require minimal upkeep
  • - Are easy and fast to setup

Six Ways an Eliminator Winter Cover Makes Opening your Pool Easier

by Dion Rodrigues

Learn How Eliminator Winter Covers are Better

To most of us pools are symbols of relaxation. Little backyard oases. But you may feel differently if you are maintaining your own pool. Closing your pool for winter and opening it in the spring can be costly, stressful and expensive.

Fortunately, the Eliminator Winter Pool Cover has a simple solution. Down its centre the Eliminator has a mesh line designed to help the ice and snow melt, filtering that water back into your pool. Below are the top six reason why this simple design will save you time, money and energy when it comes to opening your pool in the spring:

1. No Standing Water

By filtering melted snow and ice through its mesh line you won’t need to worry about standing water on your pool cover. Removing standing water from a pool cover is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your pool, but it can be a long, messy job. With the Eliminator, opening your pool is simple and safe. Unhook a few straps, take out some bolts and enjoy those hours you saved.

The Green Pool in Rio and What It Means for Your Own

by Dion Rodrigues

Avoid Green Pools with this information

Water was a concern heading into the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Visible garbage and sewage raised concerns about athletes competing in waterways surrounding the city. Last week, however, attention shifted to pool water. Overnight the Olympic diving pool transformed from a clear blue to a murky green.

So what happened? After some confusion Rio officials have confirmed exactly what happened. And it’s a lesson that pool owners should take to heart.

The Cause

Savvy pool owners might have assumed that the green and murky water resulted from algae growth. Initially algae was a suspected cause, but officials also suspected “a fall in alkalinity,” which would explain how the water colour could change so quickly, and why the neighbouring pool remained unaffected.

3 Easy Steps for a Cleaner Pool

by Dion Rodrigues

Get a cleaner pool with our simple steps

Cleaning your pool might not be your idea of a perfect weekend, but it is important and is part of the responsibility that comes with owning a pool. A well maintained and clean pool prevents serious issues that could impact the health of swimmers. According to the Government of Canada, some of the more common illnesses that caused by unclean pool water include “ear infections, stomach infections, and skin rashes”.

Unclean swimming pools provide the perfect habitat for bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can be seriously detrimental to your health. Follow these simple steps to ensure your pool stays clean and healthy:

1. Prevent algae before it grows

Algae is usually the culprit when your pool water is cloudy, murky or off colour, and especially when it is green. Aside from being gross and uninviting, cloudy water is also downright dangerous. Algae growth also makes pool equipment and surfaces slippery, increasing the risk of falling – which is especially dangerous for children or seniors.

Dealing with algae is important in its own right, but algae can also lead to other major issues. Algae diminishes the effectiveness of sanitizers (like chlorine or bromine). Sanitizers have to be added in proportion to the amount of organic matter or bacteria that you need to kill. If your pool has algae then adding the usual amount of sanitizers will not kill all the bacteria.

Take it Easy this Summer with an Automatic Pool Cleaner

by Dion Rodrigues

Automatic Cleaners

Owning a pool is much like owning a dog. They’re great to have around, especially when you want to unwind, but sometimes all the extra work that goes into them makes you question if it’s worth it. But of course it’s worth it, you wouldn’t trade your Sunday afternoon drifting in your pool any more than you would your four-legged friend.

Many pool owners are surprised to learn that pool maintenance doesn’t have to be as time consuming as one might think, especially when you use an automated pool cleaner.

There are three different types of automated pool cleaners. Suction pool cleaners use the suction line of your pool to propel themselves through the pool while at the same time scrubbing the dirt that can build along the floor.

Pressure pool cleaners attach to the pressure side of your pool’s circulatory system. The water that is pumped back into your pool propels the unit around. Unlike the suction pool cleaners, pressure side cleaners have their own filters.

Robotic pool cleaners are independent of your pool equipment and draw power from your home. This creates less wear and tear on your pool system and is more energy efficient. For these reasons, robotic cleaners are ideal for almost any pool.

Best Pool Toys for The Big Kid in All Of Us

by Dion Rodrigues
Water WalkWay WOW
Cool Jam Basketball
SunSoft Mattress

Who says pools are for kids? These fun pool toys for adults will satisfy your inner child. Whether your plans include a quiet book while you float around or a boisterous game of pool volleyball, there’s something here for everyone.

Pool Volleyball Net

This pool toy is a classic for a reason, there’s no better way to liven up an afternoon by the pool than with a friendly game of pool volleyball. Not only is it a great work out, but your spikes and dives will look better in the pool than on land.

Sunchaser Molded Float Chair

Now you can set up a floating living room in your pool. This cozy chair has a molded frame and pontoon design and comes with a comfortable woven sling with a pillow. It’s perfect for relaxing or entertaining while you bob around.

Spa Bar

Tired of having to get out of your pool every time you need a new refreshment? Now you don’t have to. This floating inflatable spa bar will follow you around the pool or sit stably on your pool’s deck. It’s got built in cup and snack holders and room for lots of ice.

Quick Tips for Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer

by Dion Rodrigues

Get the pool ready for summer

Summer is just around the corner. That means lounging by the pool, kids splashing, swimming under the stars, and cannonballs. But first it means spring cleaning. Get ready for the summer with these quick tips for cleaning your pool!

Clean around your pool

Clean up any leaves, rocks, or other debris near your pool. Anything that might end up in the pool should be removed.

Check your pool supplies

Double check the expiry date on all your pool chemical containers. If anything is past the expiry date you should dispose of it safely and replace it immediately. Any chemicals that weren’t properly sealed over the winter should also be replaced.

Remove the pool cover

You may think it is a no brainer but removing your pool cover correctly is one of the most overlooked tips for cleaning your pool. Over the fall, winter, and early spring, snow and rain will accumulate on top of your pool cover. It is important that you avoid mixing this contaminated water with your pool water because it will contain plant matter, bird and animal excrement and other particles you don’t want to swim in.

Use a pump to remove the water safely. Then sweep, wash, and use pool tarp cleaner to sterilise your tarp before you pack it away.

5 Reasons You Need a Variable Speed Pump for Your Inground Pool

by Dion Rodrigues
Pentair Superflo Variable Speed
Hayward MaxFlo VS Variable Speed
Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed
Super Pump VS Variable Speed

Owning a home is expensive, especially if yours includes amenities such as a pool. But you don’t have to give up your hard earned money at the expense of your summer fun. One of the best ways to save money on your inground pool is to switch from a single speed pump to a variable speed pump.

A single speed pump can use as much as three times the amount of energy your fridge uses. In other words, the energy used for a variable speed pool pump is like running one 60-watt light bulb versus a single speed pool pump’s energy consumption, which is like running thirty 100-watt light bulbs at the same time.

Differences between a single and variable speed pool pump

A pool pump is sort of like the heart of your pool. It sucks water in, pushing it through the filter and re-circulates it again, cleaner than before. Without your pump you would need to manually clean your pool of debris as well as add more chemicals in order to keep it hygienic and safe to swim in.

If you have a single speed pump for your pool then you’ll need to run the pump constantly, which will use a lot of electricity. In comparison, a variable speed pump adjusts the speed of the pump so that it’s not constantly working and therefore not using as much energy.

Variable speed pumps are eco-friendly because they use roughly 83 per cent less energy than a single speed pump. Variable speed pumps are so energy efficient that they save pool owners a lot of money over time.

7 Amazing Pool Products You Didn't Know Existed

by Dion Rodrigues

Pool Supplies Canada offers the newest, top of the line pool supplies and accessories for less - including some amazing ones that you might not have known about, but soon won't be able to live without!

Variable Speed Pumps
Light Show

1. Variable Speed Pumps – are you struggling to come to terms with your energy bill? What if there was a way to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating and running your pool? With a variable speed pump you can slash your energy costs by 80% compared to a conventional pool pump.

2. Solar Pill is a liquid solar blanket which helps minimize heat loss due to evaporation. Solar Pill forms a harmless, ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the surface of the water which reduces evaporation. One capsule treats a 30,000-gallon pool for one month. Solar Pill works best along with your pool heater to help you maintain temperature levels and it can be used with all types of sanitizers and pool chemicals. Plus, it is environmentally friendly and safe on skin.

3. Robotic Pool Vacuums – meet your new best friend! With a robotic vacuum for your pool you simply drop your robot in your pool and let it go to work. Robot pool cleaners vacuum your entire pool, even the nooks and crannies without any effort on your part. If you’re tired of spending time and labour cleaning your pool then it might be time for you to get an efficient, cost-effective robotic pool vacuum which will work 24/7 to keep your pool clean.

Top 10 Pool Toys for 2016

by Dion Rodrigues

A great summer is full of memories made poolside. Cannon balls, amazing dives and sliding down a twisty slide are even more fun when you match them with the best toys. So this summer, get these hot, must-have pool toys before they're gone!

Giant Swan
Ring Toss
Giant Penguin
WOW Water Walkway

1. The Swimline Giant Flamingo Pool Float will let you relax in style. With room for two adults you can add a bit of the Tropics to your pool this summer.

2. Swimline Giant Pool Pizza Slice Float - this adult-sized pizza float was one of our top selling pool toys last year. With two cup holders and a head rest this fun pizza float is designed with comfort in mind. You can even tie two slices together with the easy to use bungee connectors (included).

3. Swimline Giant Parrot Pool Float will help you bring the essence of tropical fun to your next pool party. With room for two adults this float is long enough to lay back and relax on. Work on your tan while you imagine your next tropical vacation getaway.

Pool Safety Covers - 10 Reasons You Need One for Your Pool

by Dion Rodrigues

A pool safety cover is a solid vinyl or mesh cover that is pulled tightly across your in-ground pool. Secured using anchors which are installed around the perimeter of your pool, a safety cover provides a custom fit that is simply not possible with a regular winter cover.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Safety for your family

The number one reason to own a pool safety cover is, of course, safety. The mesh or vinyl material is pulled tightly across the pool like a trampoline, which allows it to hold a significant amount of weight, meeting ATSM International Standards. Although no one should ever walk on a pool safety cover, in an emergency situation they can hold the weight of an adult, child or family pet.

If you have children, pets, or wildlife around then a safety cover is a must. A regular winter cover will not hold the weight of a child or animal who inadvertently walks or falls onto it, but a safety cover will protect your family and pets from falling into your pool and drowning. For this reason, every pool owner should have one. If you have a regular winter cover then you'll have water bags around your pool to hold the cover in place. These bags become tripping hazards, especially if you're walking at night across your pool deck to get to your hot tub. With a safety cover the anchors holding it in place are flush with your deck or patio stone so there is no need to worry about tripping or falling into your pool.

Browse our pool safety covers.

Two Speed Pumps - What Are the Benefits?

by Dion Rodrigues

The two speed pumps have been available on the market now for many years and they have become more popular over the last few years. Here are the reasons why there is a surge in the market for two speed pumps.

Save on electricity

During the grueling months of summer, some pool owners will run their pumps 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, to ensure the water is filtered continuously to remain clean and clear. If you were to run a single speed pump continuously during those hot months of summer, it could become an expensive summer with high electrical bills.

Jandy 1.5 HP 2 Speed Flo Pro Inground Pump

For example, our friends at Campbell Pools in Ottawa did a test with a 1.5 HP 2 Speed Flo Pro Inground Pump. When you run it at at low speed, and it will result in a average decrease of 61% of power usage. The beauty is that the water flow will only decrease by half, which means you get much more water filtered per kilowatt/hour.

Note: Running the two speed pump on the low speed will not interfere with the chlorine generation of your salt system nor will it interfere with your heater. Although the water flow is less on the low speed, it is sufficient for the salt system and heater to work.

Above Ground Pools Never Stop Evolving

by Dion Rodrigues

Above Ground pools never stop evolving: here are a few recent advances that make these pools a better choice than ever!

More styles

If you still think aboveground pools all look the same – think again! They come in any number of exciting styles and shades. And with dozens of aboveground pool wall styles and liner options available, you can mix and match for the perfect combination.

Landscaping potential

With all the available looks and styles for your aboveground pool, you can pick the right pool for your yard – and even reinvent your space around the pool you choose!

Resin technology

rustproof, and contoured for great looks, resin is now the leading material for pool construction. But the trusty standby of aboveground pools, steel, has also undergone constant improvement over the years through the development of new coatings and protective finishes to keep it from rusting or degrading. Today’s aboveground pool is er, sturdier, and longer-lasting than ever – a fact reflected in the impressive warranties that come with many high-end pools.

Salt-water chlorination

Once a technology on the cutting edge, salt-water chlorination is now available to consumers across the board. Many family pools are now compatible with salt-water chlorination systems: a low-cost, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly way to keep your pool clean that’s also gentle on the skin. If you’re interested in salt-water chlorination, be sure to mention this to your pool dealer so they can show you compatible models. You can choose this system when you buy your pool, or choose to upgrade later.

Pool Chemicals and You

by Dion Rodrigues

Its early spring and the 24th of May weekend is rapidly approaching. Your beer fridge is stocked, grass is cut and swimming pool opened and sparkling. You are more stoked than your BBQ for a summer of good clean fun!

Now it’s one thing to envision a swimming pool that is clearer than a Hawaiian lagoon but another to keep it that way. Once it is opened and you’ve used your opening kit which contains:

Algaecide : a  40% concentrated Algaecide to prevent algae growth.

Stain Control : protects from metal staining during the Season.

Oxidizer : a non-chlorine shock treatment which oxidizes contaminants. 

Pool Opening Kit You will have to continue maintaining proper water balance to ensure the health of your swimming environment and avoiding having your wonderful swimming pool become reminiscent of the “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” B-movie.

Calculate the size of your pool to know what quantity of chemicals required to maintain a healthy water balance. Always read the label of any chemical product which you wish to introduce into your water.

How to Measure Pool Capacity

Deep end depth (m) + Shallow end depth (m) = (m)/2 = Average Depth (m)

Rectangular or Square:

Length (m)   x  Width (m)  x   Average Depth (m) x 1000  =  Pool Capacity (liter)


Diameter (m)   x  Long Diameter (m)   x  Average Depth (m)   x  790  =  Pool Capacity (liter)


Diameter (m)   x  Diameter (m)  x   Average Depth (m)   x  790  =  Pool Capacity (liter)

Free Form:

Surface (sq m)   x  Average Depth (m)   x  1000  =  Pool Capacity (liter)

Balanced water means healthy water & healthy water means happy swimmers, so line
​those ducks up for summer fun!

Summertime Safety and Your Swimming Pool

by Dion Rodrigues

Safety BuoyOpening your swimming pool is a sure sign that summer has its foot in the gate and is ready to dive in! The most favorable way to keep the fun in and everyone laughing for more reasons than poor ol’ Granddad’s swim trunks sinking down to the bottom after he dives in is a good sense of summer safety.

Having a plan for safety and wellbeing can include everything from the basic fencing, to a standard telescopic pole and hook, to a simple alarm system and signage. These are just a few safety summer options among many.

The first thing that you will want to be sure of is the perimeter of your swimming area and access points. If you have an above ground model it would be prudent to have it barricaded off with a solid fence structure that is a minimum of 4’ high all the way around.  One of the reasons why accidents occur is when the fence is built in such a way that it opens against the house or garage where small children and non-swimmers can gain easy access to the pool through a door or window. The best way to avoid the possibility of terrible consequences in having this type of access point is to simply eliminate it with a fence and locking gate. These products are available at Pool Supplies Canada. They are attractive, rust proof, and come in sections for easy sizing. They are reasonably priced, durable and designed to keep toys and floats from blowing out as well as uninvited persons, pets and wild animals from wandering in.  Inground pools should also be within a fully fenced in environment with a locking gate.  Never leave patio furniture, large toys, gardening equipment or other items against the exterior side of your fence where they can be used to climb upon to go over the fence.                              

 Safety Gate             Above ground fencing



Summer Fun and Safety

by Dion Rodrigues

Summer time is meant for happy times. One way to keep the happiness in your summer memories is by excercising prudent safety precautions in and around your pool area by having not only your safety rules and emergency plan in place but also the correct equipment on hand.


Safety equipment

• A light and strong pole not less than 12 feet (3.66m) long with blunt ends located in close proximity of the pool.

• A life ring preserver with a throwing rope attached to it.

• Emergency numbers near the pool and on the telephone nearest to the pool. (Police, fire and rescue unit, physician, ambulance, and hospital)


10 Reasons Why Above Ground Swimming Pools are The Best Option For You!

by Dion Rodrigues

Attractive, convenient and affordable – choose an Above ground pool to transform your backyard into your family’s perfect summer water paradise!

10 reasons why Above Ground Swimming Pools are the best option for you!

1. Convenience:

Compared to inground pools, Above Ground Swimming Pools are amazingly quick and easy to install – and also to disassemble if you ever need to move.

2. Commitment:

An investment in an Above Ground Swimming Pool is an investment in summer fun for the whole family, but one that doesn’t permanently alter your backyard. With an Above Ground Swimming Pool, you’re always free to remove it, move it, or change it.

3. Upgradability:

If you love your Above ground pool and want to invest in an inground, that’s always a possibility! An Above ground pool is a great way to test the waters of your interest in a pool before taking the plunge with an inground model.

4. Fun:

Imagine coming home every day to a vacation – it’s entirely possible, when your backyard is your favourite getaway spot! An Above ground pool gives you all the benefits of a pool at your toe-tips, all summer long.

Aboveground Trends Over the Last 10 Years

by Dion Rodrigues

The Changes Pool Supplies Canada has seen over the last 10 years in terms of above ground pools and liner patterns, colours, and popular accessories


In the past ten years Pool Supplies Canada has seen significant changes in the aesthetics and composition of above-ground pools. The sales of above ground pools composed of metal have been on a slight decline, as pools made of resin have become the popular choice of consumers. The dynamic and sleek new looks of resin pools, in addition to their durable and rust-free structures are just a few reasons why the market has shifted in this direction. This past year, resin above ground sales reached an all time high, showing that there is a demand for high-end pools and that consumers are looking to make above-ground pools the centre pieces of their backyard landscapes.


In regards to wall patterns, wood-grain and other bold wall patterns have been replaced with a more modern genre that boasts earth tone and neutral colour schemes and subtle patterns that compliment a home owner’s backyard.


The above ground vinyl pattern collections have been ever changing. Stone, rock, and tile like simulated borders remain the current trend on above-ground pools and even real tropical fish prints on liners have made there way onto the market.

Sand Filters and Backwashing

by Dion Rodrigues

The sand in a sand filter is specially graded to trap particles in the 20 - 100 micron range. As a sand filter collects dirt, its efficiency increases, trapping more dirt. When your pressure gauge shows a reading 8 - 10 lbs. over its clean, start-up reading, it is time to backwash the captured dirt out of the filter.

"They say" that a sand bed should be replaced after seven years. Gradual loss of efficiency may be hard to notice if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some signs that it may be time to change the sand bed. If your filter requires frequent backwashing, every week or two, the sand bed may be "mudballed", or it may be "channeled". It may also "calcify" with calcium deposits. Other water balance problems may also contribute to sand deterioration, but a properly sized filter could go over 10 years between sand changes.

Use of Biguanide chemicals, i.e., Soft Swim or Baquacil require annual cleaning of the sand to prevent it from "gumming-up". High amounts of bather oils can gum-up a sand bed. And just the years of a pump forcing water over the grains wears away the sharp edges of the sand. Such sand becomes more circular, and traps dirt less efficiently.

Remember that for sparkling water, we need the trio of sanitation, filtration and circulation. If one of these areas is lacking, the water won't look so great.

Adding a small amount of aluminum sulfate or "alum", through the skimmer will form a gelatinous layer on top of the sand bed, which is useful in cleaning up an undesirable water condition. You can also add a small amount of D.E. powder or other filter media.