6 Ways Your Hot Tub Can Improve Your Health

by Dion Rodrigues

6 Ways Your Hot Tub Can Improve Your Health

Our health and well-being is the most important thing we regularly neglect. We get caught up in our commitments and forget to take the time to take care of ourselves. Good news. You can start improving your well-being by soaking in a hot tub. In fact, it’s almost hard to believe you can enjoy the following benefits while relaxing, and doing nothing at all.

Relieve Back (and Other Muscle) Pain Naturally

Back pain is a common complaint as we age, and nearly everyone will experience it. Not only will regularly soaking in a hot tub decrease the intensity and duration of pain, it will also improve mobility. Heat relaxes the muscles and the jets amplify this relaxation with a massaging effect. Water also provides a gentle resistance, keeping your muscles from stiffening from inactivity. With regular use a hot tub will reduce your intake of anti-inflammatories and pain medication.

Amazing Reasons why Swimming is Good for your Heart

by Dion Rodrigues

Amazing Reasons why Swimming is Good for your Heart

February is Heart Month, and if you’re looking for an exercise that improves your heart and lung capacity but is also easy on your body, look no further then your backyard swimming pool!

Swimming has been scientifically proven to improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve your blood pressure, help improve your overall fitness, and more – all while putting less strain on your connecting tissues then running, weight lifting or other forms of weight training typically do.

Extending Your Swimming Season - Some Surprising Facts

by Dion Rodrigues

Extend Your Swimming Season With Some Surprising Facts

With the days of summer long gone, you may be wishing that you could somehow extend your swimming season into the fall and winter months (without having to move south for the winter). With our mild weather this year, is it possible to keep a pool open and running in November and December?

The Canadian climate can cause some problems when it comes to extending your swimming season. But you’ll find that with the right equipment you’ll be able to enjoy your pool even as the days grow shorter and the temperature drops. All you need to do is remember a few of these surprising facts.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub Over the Holidays!

by Dion Rodrigues

Enjoy Your Spa This Holiday Season

Gone are the days of huge shopping lineups and holiday shopping stress — at least for some of the population. It’s not that they are scrooges who don’t want to buy for their loved ones, they’ve just discovered the best ways to shop for gifts online.

Pool Supplies Canada is a testament to this, as seen in our unique online hot tub accessory line up that debuted in 2009. Since then, we’ve expanded our catalog and continue to sell top of the line pool and hot tub products – our loyal customers will tell you our growth can be attributed to our easy ordering process, fast shipping times and the fact we have the best pricing in Canada.

Preparing Your Hot Tub For the Winter

by Dion Rodrigues

Prepping Your Hot Tub For the Coming Winter with Pool Supplies Canada

Many Canadians know the joy of defying winter, heading outside in your swim trunks and slipping into a hot tub. Imagine the water’s heat relaxing your muscles; the air’s bracing cold as it carries snowflakes down to earth. For those who love the cold (or can’t afford another trip to Florida) a hot tub is an invigorating way to enjoy our long Canadian winter months.

We haven’t quite gotten to those frigid temperatures yet, but the cold and snow could come any day now. To really enjoy the snowy days, you’ll want to start prepping your hot tub - sooner rather than later if you haven’t done so already. Here’s why you should change your hot tub’s water before the temperature gets too cold.

5 Pool Products to Pick Up this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

by Dion Rodrigues

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from Pool Supplies Canada

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, which means for one weekend only you'll be able to find great deals from Pool Supplies Canada.ca and save up to 80%! Here are our top 5 special offers on pool equipment, supplies and accessories you can look forward to this coming Black Friday weekend.

1) Dolphin Premium Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner with BlueTooth Technology

The Dolphin Premium robotic pool cleaner is the latest and greatest automatic cleaner model available from Maytronics' Dolphin brand, bringing Bluetooth mobile phone control and high efficiency cleaning to your inground swimming pool. This Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend only, you'll be able to save over $1000 off the regular price of this amazing pool cleaner - this is one offer you should not miss!

Keeping Your Backyard Safe this Halloween

by Dion Rodrigues

Keep your pool safe on Halloween

A certain amount of mischief accompanies Halloween. Even with a little good natured rule bending it’s important to take safety into account. For pool owners this means minimizing the risks associated with your pool. Eager trick-or-treaters will sometimes cut through back yards or hop fences in search of short cuts. In the dark, amidst the night’s excitement, not to mention vision obscuring masks, someone could easily fail to notice a dark pool covering.

To keep your backyard absolutely safe, even for intrepid and unexpected trick-or-treaters, we recommend purchasing a safety cover for your pool. Here’s why.

Other Pool Covers Don’t Match Up

A safety cover is the best option for maintaining a clean and safe pool area. Safety covers are designed to support a large amount of weight and do not have any spaces that a person or animal can slip through. Although it’s not recommended you can walk across a safety cover.

The Worst Things to Find in Your Pool

by Dion Rodrigues

The 2 Worst Things to Find In Your Pool

Anyone whose job involves cleaning a pool knows there are some things that you just don’t want to see. For pool cleaners and pool owners alike, two of the worst (and most common) pool problems are:


Getting glass out of your pool can be a nightmare. Glass can get into the pool in any number of ways. Glass patio tables thrown by the wind (or a rambunctious party guest), broken eyeglasses, even lawn ornaments can all end up in your pool. But by far the most common way that glass gets into the pool, as you might expect, is in the form of broken bottles or drinking glasses - usually after a particularly rowdy house party.

How to Choose the Best Pool Heater For You

by Dion Rodrigues

How to Choose the Best Pool Heater For You

If you’re a Canadian and you have a pool you should consider getting a pool heater! With a pool heater you will be able to swim more months of the year and later into the evening. Extending your pool season just makes sense, but with a variety of heaters on the market it is important to first consider which will work best for your pool. Here are some of the factors you should consider before choosing your pool heater.

1. Size Matters

Consider the size of your pool and the size of your heater as well as temperature you’re aiming for. A simple rules of thumb is that a large pool requires a larger heater (but keep in mind that a larger heater will cost more to operate).

The following chart will act as a guideline, but it’s still a good idea to talk to a specialist at Pool Supplies Canada if you’re unsure.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About How Safety Covers Are Made

by Dion Rodrigues

4 interesting things about safety covers

Safety covers are the preferred choice of pool owners who want the safest, most cost effective method of protecting their pool in all seasons. Pool safety covers are highly resilient, and incredibly strong making them a top choice for Canadian pool owners.

Pool safety covers:

  • - Can withstand the harsh Canadian winter including heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures
  • - Support the weight of animals, people, and debris so you don’t have to worry about children or pets falling into your covered pool
  • - Protect your pool lining from damage
  • - Last much longer than regular pool covers
  • - Remove the need to pump stagnant water off your pool cover in the spring when you open your pool (as is the case with standard tarps)
  • - Require minimal upkeep
  • - Are easy and fast to setup