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by Dion Rodrigues

Owning a home is expensive, especially if yours includes amenities such as a pool. But you don’t have to give up your hard earned money at the expense of your summer fun. One of the best ways to save money on your inground pool is to switch from a single speed pump to a variable speed pump.

Pentair Superflo Variable Speed
Hayward MaxFlo VS Variable Speed
Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed
Super Pump VS Variable Speed

Differences between a single and variable speed pool pump

A pool pump is sort of like the heart of your pool. It sucks water in, pushing it through the filter and re-circulates it again, cleaner than before. Without your pump you would need to manually clean your pool of debris as well as add more chemicals in order to keep it hygienic and safe to swim in.

If you have a single speed pump for your pool then you’ll need to run the pump constantly, which will use a lot of electricity. In comparison, a variable speed pump adjusts the speed of the pump so that it’s not constantly working and therefore not using as much energy.

Variable speed pumps are eco-friendly because they use roughly 83 per cent less energy than a single speed pump. Variable speed pumps are so energy efficient that they save pool owners a lot of money over time.

How much money can you save with a variable speed pool pump?

A single speed pump can use as much as three times the amount of energy your fridge uses. In other words, the energy used for a variable speed pool pump is like running one 60-watt light bulb versus a single speed pool pump’s energy consumption, which is like running thirty 100-watt light bulbs at the same time. That’s a huge difference!

A pool pump can use 3,000 to 5,000 kWh per year. If you switch to a variable speed pump can expect to save 3,796 kWh per year. The difference in energy consumption means that you can save up to $150 or more a month on your hydro bill. Add up all the money you’ll save on electricity each month and it’s easy to see that variable speed pool pumps pay for themselves pretty quickly.

Energy efficiency is just one feature of a variable speed pool pump

Not only are variable speed pool pumps more energy efficient than single speed pool pumps, they’re also:

  • Quieter
  • More durable because they don’t run constantly, which means that there’s less wear and tear on the equipment
  • Better at filtering debris and other materials, which will extend the life of your pool’s filter
  • Controllable - a variable speed pump allows you to adjust and set the speed of the pump to maximize filtration while minimizing energy use.

If you have a pool you should explore the cost savings of a variable speed pump. Contact the experts at Pool Supplies Canada to learn more about variable speed pool pumps and whether they’re a good choice for your inground pool.