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Livraison GratuiteLivraison Gratuite
by Dion Rodrigues

The Changes Pool Supplies Canada has seen over the last 10 years in terms of above ground pools and liner patterns, colours, and popular accessories


In the past ten years Pool Supplies Canada has seen significant changes in the aesthetics and composition of above-ground pools. The sales of above ground pools composed of metal have been on a slight decline, as pools made of resin have become the popular choice of consumers. The dynamic and sleek new looks of resin pools, in addition to their durable and rust-free structures are just a few reasons why the market has shifted in this direction. This past year, resin above ground sales reached an all time high, showing that there is a demand for high-end pools and that consumers are looking to make above-ground pools the centre pieces of their backyard landscapes.


In regards to wall patterns, wood-grain and other bold wall patterns have been replaced with a more modern genre that boasts earth tone and neutral colour schemes and subtle patterns that compliment a home owner’s backyard.


The above ground vinyl pattern collections have been ever changing. Stone, rock, and tile like simulated borders remain the current trend on above-ground pools and even real tropical fish prints on liners have made there way onto the market.


Recently we have seen innovative products such as above-ground Salt Water generator systems, and in-wall lights become a must have for consumers. The fact that these options are offered on above-ground pool packages makes the above-ground pool an exciting and affordable alternative to other backyard leisure options. We were especially astonished at the overwhelming demand for the above-ground Salt water Systems. Saltwater was certainly the buzz word this year when it came to above-ground pools. Nearly all of the people shopping for above-ground pools on our site inquire about the new salt water generator systems and many of them checked out with one.


In closing I believe that the above-ground market is thriving and healthy due to its ability to present price point pools or high-end pools that offer many of the gadgets that an inground pool or spa would.


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