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Livraison GratuiteLivraison Gratuite
by Dion Rodrigues

Who says pools are for kids? These fun pool toys for adults will satisfy your inner child. Whether your plans include a quiet book while you float around or a boisterous game of pool volleyball, there’s something here for everyone.

Pool Volleyball Net

This pool toy is a classic for a reason, there’s no better way to liven up an afternoon by the pool than with a friendly game of pool volleyball. Not only is it a great work out, but your spikes and dives will look better in the pool than on land.

Sunchaser Molded Float Chair

Now you can set up a floating living room in your pool. This cozy chair has a molded frame and pontoon design and comes with a comfortable woven sling with a pillow. It’s perfect for relaxing or entertaining while you bob around.

Spa Bar

Tired of having to get out of your pool every time you need a new refreshment? Now you don’t have to. This floating inflatable spa bar will follow you around the pool or sit stably on your pool’s deck. It’s got built in cup and snack holders and room for lots of ice.

Pool Basketball

It’s time to bring your game to the pool with this classic that tests your aim. Stay cool this summer besting your friends with your mad basketball skills.

WOW Water Walkway

This versatile float can be used as a lounge or a cannon ball platform. It’s so big and customizable you can fit a whole party on it by snapping a number of rectangular mats together. Perfect for the pool or cottage this summer.

Solstice Sunsoft Fabric Floating Mattress

Looking for an excuse to take a relaxing afternoon nap floating around your pool? The Solstice Sunsoft Fabric Floating Mattress is like having a comfortable bed that floats in your pool. No more uncomfortable plastic loungers. This fabric mattress will give you the comfort you need to take a warm snooze. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Whichever way you plan on enjoying your time by the pool this summer, remember to do it safely!


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