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Cleaning Filter Media

Cleaning Filter Media

Using Filter Cleaner

Filter cleaner is effective in removing scale, rust, cosmetics, oils, etc. which commonly reduce the performance of sand, DE, and cartridge filters. The dry, granular form makes it easy to use with greater handling safety.


  • Backwash the filter normally
  • Leave handle in backwash position
  • Shut off the pump
  • Remove pump hair and lint pot cover
  • Remove filter drain plug
  • Allow water to drain from filter
  • Replace the filter drain plug securely

Application of the Cleaner

  • Fill a plastic pail with warm tap water
  • Add 500 g of filter cleaner into 20 L of lukewarm water while stirring with a wooden stick (the solution will dissolve and turn red)

For Cartridge Filters:

  • Remove cartridges and elements and soak overnight in a plastic pail
  • After soaking, rinse thoroughly and replace them in the filter

For Sand Filters (or if elements cannot be removed):

  • Add filter cleaner solution directly into the filter tank
  • Use sufficient solution to cover the sand or the elements
  • Let stand overnight
  • Drain, then backwash to thoroughly rinse sand and elements

Resume Normal Filter Operation

  • Prime the pump and backwash for 6 minutes or until the water coming out of the backwash line is clear. Do not allow the solution to get into
    your pool.
  • Shut off power to the pump, put handle in filter position and then restart the pump.

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