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Livraison GratuiteLivraison Gratuite
by Dion Rodrigues

Summer is just around the corner. That means lounging by the pool, kids splashing, swimming under the stars, and cannonballs. But first it means spring cleaning. Get ready for the summer with these quick tips for cleaning your pool!

Clean around your pool

Clean up any leaves, rocks, or other debris near your pool. Anything that might end up in the pool should be removed.

Check your pool supplies

Double check the expiry date on all your pool chemical containers. If anything is past the expiry date you should dispose of it safely and replace it immediately. Any chemicals that weren’t properly sealed over the winter should also be replaced.

Remove the pool cover

You may think it is a no brainer but removing your pool cover correctly is one of the most overlooked tips for cleaning your pool. Over the fall, winter, and early spring, snow and rain will accumulate on top of your pool cover. It is important that you avoid mixing this contaminated water with your pool water because it will contain plant matter, bird and animal excrement and other particles you don’t want to swim in.

Use a pump to remove the water safely. Then sweep, wash, and use pool tarp cleaner to sterilise your tarp before you pack it away.

Inspect and clean your pool

Once the tarp is off you still have some work to do. If your tarp ripped or a particularly harsh winter led to some water or debris seeping into your pool you need to pump it out – or hop in and clean it by hand.

While you are cleaning make sure to check for any nicks or scratches in the pool lining.

Inspect and clean your pool filters and skimmers

Make sure your skimmers are clean. You should have done this in the fall, but while you remove your winter plugs it won’t hurt to double check. Remove your filter cartridge and either hose it down or, ideally, replace it for the new season.

Prepare your equipment

Double check, clean and reattach all your pool equipment. Now is the easiest time to replace or upgrade any old or broken equipment.

Fill your pool

Scrub the exposed sides of your pool and skim off any remaining surface debris. Fill your pool to the usual water level. If you use a garden hose you should take this opportunity to hose down the sides of your pool. Once you have inspected, prepared and reconnected all your equipment switch everything back on.

Good chemistry

Once your pool is full and your filter, skimmers, and other equipment are up and running consider using products that remove metals like copper and iron. ‘Shock’ your pool with products that remove any lingering bacteria and consider de-calcification products to protect your pool for the upcoming season and for years to come.