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SpaZazz Stress Therapy: De-Stress Crystals (19 oz)

SpaZazz Stress Therapy: De-Stress Crystals (19 oz)

Sku: SPZ605
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Description Détaillée du Produit

Spazazz Stress Therapy De-stress Rx Aromatherapy Crystals for hot tubs and bath, is the enlivening blend of sensual aromas with therapeutic benefits and moisturizing botanicals. Soak in vitamins as you relax in warm water. Feel the calm, natural release of aches and pains as tension melts away.

SpaZazz makes all natural spa and bath crystals with anti-inflammatory and stress relievers mixed in. Indulge yourself with this soothing blend of sensual aromas and moisturizing botanicals. Spa safe and oil-free, SpaZazz Aromatherapy Crystals set the mood, arouse emotion and relax your state of mind.

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SpaZazz Stress Therapy: De-Stress Crystals (19 oz) $21.99
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