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Livraison GratuiteLivraison Gratuite
by Dion Rodrigues

Safety BuoyOpening your swimming pool is a sure sign that summer has its foot in the gate and is ready to dive in! The most favorable way to keep the fun in and everyone laughing for more reasons than poor ol’ Granddad’s swim trunks sinking down to the bottom after he dives in is a good sense of summer safety.

Having a plan for safety and wellbeing can include everything from the basic fencing, to a standard telescopic pole and hook, to a simple alarm system and signage. These are just a few safety summer options among many.

The first thing that you will want to be sure of is the perimeter of your swimming area and access points. If you have an above ground model it would be prudent to have it barricaded off with a solid fence structure that is a minimum of 4’ high all the way around.  One of the reasons why accidents occur is when the fence is built in such a way that it opens against the house or garage where small children and non-swimmers can gain easy access to the pool through a door or window. The best way to avoid the possibility of terrible consequences in having this type of access point is to simply eliminate it with a fence and locking gate. These products are available at Pool Supplies Canada. They are attractive, rust proof, and come in sections for easy sizing. They are reasonably priced, durable and designed to keep toys and floats from blowing out as well as uninvited persons, pets and wild animals from wandering in.  Inground pools should also be within a fully fenced in environment with a locking gate.  Never leave patio furniture, large toys, gardening equipment or other items against the exterior side of your fence where they can be used to climb upon to go over the fence.                              

 Safety Gate             Above ground fencing



Alarm systems are not a bad idea at all for monitoring unauthorized entry into your swimming area. Pool Eye is available with compatible technology for both above ground and inground models. With the ability to detect any object weighing 15lbs or more entering the water, this unit will alert you to the motion so that you can react quickly. It features adjustable sensitivity to subsurface wave detection, infared “night vision” which monitors the area with both a pool side and in home alarm as well as checking air and water temperature changes.  The alarm has a deck siren of 120 dB and 95 dB ten feet away. The alarm is also equipped with an in home remote alarm which alerts you to human voice announcements or sirens depending on the level of intrusion which may be occurring. In addition to these fantastic features this alarm system can differentiate between falling leaves and wind with sub surface wave detection technology. It also has a remote receiver, locking ON/OFF switch with and audio indicator for child proof security, it chirps every sixty seconds when the battery is low as well as having an automatic three minute reset button and power check button so you'll never have to worry if it's working.  A single alarm will handle sizes up to 24’ round or 16’ x 32’ oval. Use two alarms if your swimming pool is larger. A safety feature like this combined with a secure fence and gate and natural common sense can provide a comforting sense of security when it comes to intrusions and accident’s occurring at your home. Visit our website at for more information.

        Pool Alarm                                Pool Alarm

A removable ladder on an above ground model is law in many parts of the country and solid thinking all the way around. Small children cannot climb in, where there is no ladder and when there is no easy form of access it generally detracts any person who should not otherwise be entering your pool . This type of ladder is easily set up when it is swim time and then removed completely when you’re ready to come out for the night.      


               A Frame Ladder                                                        Safety rope & float kit


If your inground model has a deep end you may wish to consider using a safety rope and float kit to block it off to keep children and poor swimmers from straying from the shallows. Brightly coloured and durable, a safety rope and float kit is easy to see and strong enough to hold onto should a water wiggler make their way toward the wrong end of the pool. These float kits are available through Pool Supplies Canada, are very affordable and easy to install.

Never use products that are not Canadian certified for safety as any form of life saving strategy.

Only items designed specifically for the purposes of safety and approved by Canadian standards are dependable for these sorts of circumstances. The cost of an approved safety measure is nothing compared to the lives of your loved ones and absolutely worth incurring for peace of mind. 

Signage is a great idea for communicating your main pool rules rather than repeating yourself all season long until you've gone hoarse. The clear messages such as “No Diving,” “No Running” etc… make certain all who enter your swimming area understand your rules and expectations. 

 Pool Safety signs                            Pool Safety signs                              Pool Safety signs

Children can be unpredictable in what they may become curious about and toward one another while playing. Never leave children unattended in a swimming pool. A diligent “eyes on the kids at all times” supervision practice ensures their safety at all times. Children under the age of three should wear a PFD and all young bathers should receive proper swim and water safety lessons.

broken glass

Common sense practices such as keeping glassware away from the entire deck area can save a lot of grief as no broken glass = no injuries due to it, in or out of the pool. Broken glass is nearly impossible to see when it is in the water and can not only seriously harm bathers but also destroy your liner.

Summer memories are best made up of happy times. Many happy occasions can occur when friends and family gather for a swim at your home and safe pool practices help ensure that your whole summer is a carefree experience for all.