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by Dion Rodrigues

Owning a pool is much like owning a dog. They’re great to have around, especially when you want to unwind, but sometimes all the extra work that goes into them makes you question if it’s worth it. But of course it’s worth it, you wouldn’t trade your Sunday afternoon drifting in your pool any more than you would your four-legged friend.

Many pool owners are surprised to learn that pool maintenance doesn’t have to be as time consuming as one might think, especially when you use an automated pool cleaner.

There are three different types of automated pool cleaners. Suction pool cleaners use the suction line of your pool to propel themselves through the pool while at the same time scrubbing the dirt that can build along the floor.

Pressure pool cleaners attach to the pressure side of your pool’s circulatory system. The water that is pumped back into your pool propels the unit around. Unlike the suction pool cleaners, pressure side cleaners have their own filters.

Robotic pool cleaners are independent of your pool equipment and draw power from your home. This creates less wear and tear on your pool system and is more energy efficient. For these reasons, robotic cleaners are ideal for almost any pool.

Robotic pool cleaners tend to be a little more expensive than the pressure or suction cleaners, however, since they don’t use your pool’s filtration system you will save money in the long run by not having to replace your equipment as often.

We recommend these two robotic pool cleaners. Each one is energy-efficient, quick and does a great job of mapping out your pool to ensure that every nook and cranny is cleaned:

Hayward TigerShark

One of the main selling features of the TigerShark is that it has two modes, automatic and quick clean. Set on automatic, the unit will scan and map your pool and based on its assessment, clean your pool in the most energy-efficient manner. In quick clean mode, after scanning and mapping your pool, the TigerShark will clean your pool in the shortest amount of time possible.

4-Wheel Drive Polaris P945

Like other robotic pool cleaners, the Polaris Pool Cleaner has a sensor that allows it to detect its environment and determine the most efficient cleaning path, but where it differs is that it has a unique feature which allows it to clean much faster than a lot of other models. It’s called Vortex Vacuum technology, which is similar to other suction methods except for the placement of the debris canister. It allows the Polaris to pick up debris and fill the container without losing any speed or suction power.

If you’re looking to take it easy this summer, then don’t wait. Get an automatic pool cleaner so you can spend more time relaxing and less time on pool maintenance!