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Canada’s Largest Selection of Hot Tub Covers Online!

Pool Supplies Canada is proud to carry Canada’s largest selection of custom replacement hot tub covers online. Regardless of your hot tub or spa's shape, size, make or model, we can manufacture a custom replacement cover to fit it - guaranteed! We are so confident in the superior quality of our hot tub covers that we offer a 1 year warranty on our covers against manufacturer's defects.

Our replacement hot tub covers are built to last! From the durable 100% marine grade exterior vinyl material and standard 6 mil vapour barrier for long lasting protection from water evaporation, our custom replacement hot tub covers meet and exceed all ASTM standard requirements.

Additionally, the industry leading materials used in our custom replacement hot tub covers are sure to stand up against wear and tear, and our harsh Canadian winters, as they also feature:

  • - Extensive, heavy duty stitching
  • - A double reinforced folding hinge
  • - Built in UV and mildew inhibitors
  • - A metal C-Channel for superior support
  • - Reflective shield undersides

All of our custom replacement hot tub covers come standard with a true 1.5 lb high density foam core (the highest standard foam density available) and a free reflective liner under coating, which reflects heat back into your hot tub to save energy and reduce heat loss - a $25 value! Order a custom fitted hot tub or spa cover that fits your budget today.

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The Benefits of a Good Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover is an important part of your spa system. A good cover will help you conserve heat, save on electricity costs and keep debris and other unwanted materials out of your hot tub. When a hot tub cover is in good condition it is easy to remove, which makes your hot tub experience more enjoyable.

In Canada, with our bitterly cold winters it is worth considering upgrading to a higher density foam cover to help insulate and protect your hot tub. If your hot tub cover is torn or damaged in any way, then you should consider replacing it.

Free Shipping on Replacement Hot Tub Covers

Pool Supplies Canada offers free shipping on replacement hot tub covers. Not only is your custom replacement hot tub cover shipped for free, our customers are always amazed at how fast their orders arrive. We ship across Canada and most packages leave our facility within 24 hours of placing your order. Unlike other pool supply companies we are located in Canada which means you don't have to worry about customs fees or delays at the border.

What to Look For in a Hot Tub Cover

The following are all important things to look for when selecting a hot tub cover:

  • - It's important that your cover is custom fitted to your hot tub or spa
  • - Your cover should be insulating with a proper heat seal
  • - Always look for a cover with a high density foam - Pool Supplies Canada's covers come with the industry's highest standard foam density, true 1.5 lb
  • - Lock straps are an important safety feature for your hot tub cover
  • - A well designed taper will help facilitate water runoff and manage heavy snow load
  • - Marine grade vinyl will help your cover stand up to the weather
  • - Hot tub cover lifters are a popular way of easily moving your hot tub cover on and off
  • - Thermal insulating spa blankets are a great accessory designed to work with your hot tub cover to maximize your energy savings by further protecting your cover from excess evaporation and heat loss

Getting The Perfect Fit For Your Hot Tub

Having a hot tub cover that fits your spa perfectly is crucial, as it helps to keep heat in and reduce evaporation. If your hot tub cover is not fitted to your tub or spa properly, you should consider a replacement.

If you are unsure of how to measure your hot tub cover, click on the button below to download our helpful how-to measuring guide. Our guide walks you through how to measure the different dimensions required to custom make your cover, as well as the tools required to ensure proper measurements are supplied.

Download Our Cover Measuring Guide


* Important Note: Please be aware that our Basic (3" - 2" taper) hot tub covers are designed for use on hot tubs or spas installed indoors, or in areas with mild climates only. Using these covers on outdoor hot tubs or spas in areas with high rain or snow fall amounts will cause their foam cores to fail prematurely and will void your warranty. Pool Supplies Canada recommends a 4" - 3" taper or greater hot tub cover for use on hot tubs and spas installed outdoors.