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by Dion Rodrigues

Learn How Eliminator Winter Covers are Better

To most of us pools are symbols of relaxation. Little backyard oases. But you may feel differently if you are maintaining your own pool. Closing your pool for winter and opening it in the spring can be costly, stressful and expensive.

Fortunately, the Eliminator Winter Pool Cover has a simple solution. Down its centre the Eliminator has a mesh line designed to help the ice and snow melt, filtering that water back into your pool. Below are the top six reason why this simple design will save you time, money and energy when it comes to opening your pool in the spring:

1. No Standing Water

By filtering melted snow and ice through its mesh line you won’t need to worry about standing water on your pool cover. Removing standing water from a pool cover is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your pool, but it can be a long, messy job. With the Eliminator, opening your pool is simple and safe. Unhook a few straps, take out some bolts and enjoy those hours you saved.

2. No Draining or Refilling Necessary

You can save water with the Eliminator dam system. This means you do not have to empty your pool before closing it for winter. As melting snow and ice is filtered into your pool the water level rises – and any excess water can be drained with the skimmer. In the spring simply remove the Eliminator to find a full pool. You’ll avoid the expensive water costs associated with filling your pool each spring.

3. No More Wasted Water

While we are on the subject of water, removing the need to empty and fill your pool conserves water. With the Eliminator your pool is filled naturally. By saving literally hundreds of gallons of water annually your Eliminator Cover is significantly improving your environmental footprint.

4. No More Debris

High water levels will pull your Eliminator Pool Cover taut. This lets Mother Nature take care of another job for you. Tightening the cover creates a flat surface. So where you once needed to remove scummy, rotted leaves and other debris by hand, the wind will now take care of it for you. Saving you yet more time and energy.

5. No Need for Costly Replacements

You can depend on your Eliminator Cover for years. Because the design limits stress from wind and its made from high quality material, the Eliminator Cover lasts an average of seven years. Many covers need replacing after just a few seasons, so the longevity of the Eliminator is a good way to cut down your long-term pool budget.

6. No Algae

Experienced pool owners know that algae are nasty. Algae is usually green and in itself is not harmful – but pools with algae may also harbour pathogens like E-coli. Pool covers block UV rays and help prevent algae growth.

The brilliance of The Eliminator Winter Pool Cover is that it saves you time by getting Mother Nature to pitch in. Use the changing seasons to your advantage by filling your pool with the melted winter snow and have gentle spring breezes clear away the debris. All you have to do is remove, dry and fold your pool cover to enjoy your pool.

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