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5 Foot Round Inflatable Watermelon Kiddie Pool

Sku: BMKP0003
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Detailed Product Description

The BigMouth inflatable watermelon kiddie pool is 5 feet wide and 15 inches deep, giving your toddler a ton of room to splash around with their favourite toys! It easily inflates and deflates via a standard-size air valve, which means it's easy to fold up into a compact size during the off-season.

Put this inflatable pool in your yard, and make summer awesome! The BigMouth inflatable kiddie pool is not just funny, it is practical for on-demand use when the summer heat gets the best of you - plus, it makes a great centerpiece for party games.

For ages 2+, use with adult supervision only.

Product Includes a 30 Day Warranty (click for details)

WARNING: Not to be used without proper adult supervision. Product is not for diving.

Warranty Coverage: BigMouth Kiddie Pools & Activity Centres come with a 30 Day Limited Manufacturers Warranty. The manufacturer warrants their kiddie pools and activity centres against defects on workmanship and materials. This warranty will be void if this kiddie pool/activity centre is damaged as a result of improper installation or use, or if damage is a result of ice. Warranty does not cover any labour charges, cost of lost water or chemicals, or any other damages that may occur.

Start a Warranty Claim:To begin a claim please email with a photo showing the defect(s)/damage to your BigMouth Kiddie Pool/Activity Centre and include a brief explanation of what occurred.

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5 Foot Round Inflatable Watermelon Kiddie Pool $29.99

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