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Inground Liners at a Low Price!

Pool Supplies Canada is proud to offer quality Inground liners at discounted prices. With the largest online selection of Inground liners in Canada we’re sure you’ll find a refreshing new pattern for your pool - over 150 patterns available!

Our custom inground liners are made from 100% virgin vinyl material with a premium 30 Gauge vinyl thickness. These vinyl inground liners are produced in North America and offer a 25 year pro-rated manufacturers warranty on seam separations. We carry liners from the industry's leading manufacturers, including GLI Pool Products, Equator Pool Products and Findlay Vinyl!

Feel confident in dealing with Pool Supplies Canada as we have a professional vinyl measuring team on staff to help review your order with you, provide a professional CAD drawing of your pool and answer any questions you may have!

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Why Choose Pool Supplies Canada?

Our inground pool liners are custom designed and manufactured to fit your pool. You'll be hard pressed to find a better, more affordable liner out there. Our inground pool liners are:

  • Available at the best prices in Canada
  • Made from 100% virgin vinyl
  • Equipped with algae inhibitors, which aid normal sanitizers to protect the liners for a long life
  • Manufactured with UV inhibitors to protect against fading and sun damage
  • Coated with acetate to resist fading from chemicals and the sun
  • Equipped with cold crack temperature protection to -40°F
  • North American made and guaranteed with a 25 year pro-rated manufacturers' warranty on seam separations
  • Available in over 150 different patterns

Each of our liners are made in North America and combine unique designs with the latest manufacturing processes. Our liners are made with 100% virgin vinyl material and have a premium perma 30 gauge vinyl thickness.

Our beautifully designed vinyl inground liners are infused with algae inhibitors, U.V. protectors and are printed using the finest U.V. resistant inks available on the market, making them the most durable and long-lasting liners in the industry. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our liners that we offer a 25 year pro-rated manufacturer's warranty on seam separations.

What is Virgin Vinyl?

Virgin vinyl is the best liner material because it is durable and long lasting. The term refers to vinyl that is made of 100% new vinyl. Virgin vinyl does not contain recycled vinyl, added plastics or other material. Liners made of a composite vinyl material do not expand or contract evenly. Only liners made from 100% virgin vinyl provide a tight fit and stand up to extreme weather conditions.

Custom Made For a Perfect Fit

Our inground vinyl pool liners are designed to fit your pool: it’s that simple! We work with our manufacturers to develop your liner so that the manufacturer can tailor fit it to your new or existing inground pool. Each pool liner ordered from our website goes through a thorough design process to ensure a perfect fit. We have a professional vinyl measuring team on staff to help review your order with you, provide a professional CAD drawing of your pool and answer any questions you may have.

Install Your Own Liner and Save Money

Installing your own pool liner is easy —you can do it yourself and save big. Whether you're looking to buy a new liner or replace or repair your existing liner, you can complete the job yourself and no one will know the difference! Visit our How to Guide for more information about installing your inground liner or view our inground liners now.

Pool Supplies Canada are the Liner Experts

Customers are spreading the word about Pool Supplies Canada because we offer:

  • - The best prices in Canada
  • - The widest variety of liner patterns
  • - A 25 year manufacturer's warranty
  • - Custom fitting liners, every inground liner is custom made to fit your pool exactly!

Ready to get a liner quote? Fax us your completed measuring form toll free at 1-888-858-1424, or email it to liner@poolsuppliescanada.ca and receive a quote for your new Inground Liner!