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Commercial Pool and Spa Equipment

Found a lower price online in Canada on commercial pool or spa equipment, accessories, supplies or chemicals? Call our commercial pool specialists now to take advantage of our lowest price guarantee today, at: 1-905-865-4515

We Have What You Need!

We are proud to offer one of the largest selection of commercial products online in Canada, including:

  • Commercial pool pumps
  • Commercial pool heaters
  • Commercial pool automation
  • Commercial pool cleaners
  • Commercial sized + bulk pool chemicals

Commercial Pool and Spa Equipment

Pool Supplies Canada offers one of Canada's largest commercial pool equipment, accessories and chemical line ups to suit all of your commercial pool needs! With the industry's best commercial-grade pool pumps, filters, sanitation and automation systems in stock, as well as safety accessories like anti-vortex drains, you're sure to find the right equipment and components to suit your unique commercial application.

Running and maintaining a commercial pool takes a lot of work, dedication and trouble shooting. When done right, you will be rewarded with the enjoyment of your patrons and a more profitable business model. If not done properly, there is a lot that can go wrong.

Having the proper skills to deal with any issue that comes your way is key. But also having the right supplier for your commercial pool and spa supplies is equally important. Whatever you’re looking for - advice, supplies or both - Pool Supplies Canada has what you need.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Pool Equipment

Running and taking care of a commercial pool takes a lot of effort and work, but when done right, it can offer a fun environment that will offer enjoyment to all that use it, plus a profitable business model for your company or organization.

Here are the answers to some common FAQ’s to help make sure you get the most out of your commercial pool.

What are the best cleaning solutions for large commercial pools?

For your commercial pool, the main cleaning solutions you should be using are sanitizers, oxidizers and shocks, which cleanse the water of dirt, algae, bacteria and any other organic matter that may have entered the pool. Also, If you’re looking for commercial sized or bulk pool chemicals, check out our large inventory, as well as all of our commercial pool and spa supplies. Explore our commercial pool chemicals by clicking here.

Should you consider a salt chlorine generator?

If you operate a saltwater pool that has a high-level of use by children and people sensitive to chlorine, then you should definitely consider getting a salt chlorine generator. It converts salt to chlorine gradually, which make the chemical less harsh.

What are some tips for maintaining pH balance in indoor pools?

Test to see where your pool's pH level is. On the pH scale (which goes from 0 to 14), 7 is considered neutral. Check the pool’s alkalinity, as keeping these levels between 100 and 150 ppm will help the pH level. Use the proper pH balancers to get the level to where it needs to be. Generally, pH levels should be tested at least twice a week.

How can you make your pool accessible, well-lit and safe to reduce liability?

Always keep an eye out for potential hazards and ways to make your commercial pool safer and more accessible. Consider adding a pool lift to help those who need a hand getting into the water. You can never have too much lighting in and around your pool. Proper pool lighting is a great tool to ensure everyone stays safe.

What are some benefits to using controllers, such as the Hayward controller with Gold sensor?

Using a controller for your pool is like having a dedicated employee keep a constant eye on your pool’s maintenance. It runs an analysis to alert you of any waterborne pathogens, such as E. coli. It's also compatible with your existing chemical feed equipment and ensures the water’s chemistry is properly maintained. It’s an extra level of security for you and your patrons.

How do you choose the right size pump or filter for your commercial pool?

Commercial pool pumps are an integral part of your set up. To find the right size, follow these instructions:

  • Find out how much water your pool holds. Take that number and convert it to gallons
  • Then find out how many gallons per minute you will want your pump to handle
  • You should also find out how many feet of piping there is between your pool and pump
  • Lastly, choose the commercial pump that best suits your needs

Have a question about commercial pools and what type of equipment to use? Contact our commercial pool experts or click here to read our commercial equipment how to guides! We’re happy to answer your commercial pool questions.

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