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Pool fountains are an inexpensive way to turn your pool from average to extraordinary. Whether you are swimming or just lounging by the pool, the sound of falling water will relax you and set the mood for get-togethers, parties or romantic occasions. Paired with pool lights, fountains create an exotic, almost magical nighttime ambience for adults. To kids pool fountains turn your backyard pool into a waterpark!

Deck Jets shoot water from your pool deck into your pool or hot tub with a fully adjustable 360° nozzle. Deck Jets are installed in line with your deck and covered with a stylish polished bronze cover plate, making them the most elegant pool fountain option – but also the most expensive. Deck Jets require installation, and you’ll have to add your own lights.

The Darkbuster (Aqua-Luminator) Fountain is designed to be matched with the Pentair Aqua-Luminator Pool and Spa Light, creating an easy to install fountain with an adjustable nozzle and pivoting head. Although it lacks the simple 360° coverage and attractive design of Deck Jets, the Darkbuster creates a relaxing atmosphere, making it a great option.

The Wonder Fountain fits both in-ground and above-ground pools by connecting directly to your pool return line. It is easy to install, with an adjustable height.

The Floating Rock Fountain floats in the middle of your pool creating a unique water feature that can be enjoyed by adults and kids in equal measure. Easy to install, the faux stone Floating Rock Fountain is a fun twist on the traditional pool fountain.