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Inground Pool Slides

Start building your dream backyard now!

Pool Supplies Canada offers one of Canada's largest selection of inground swimming pool slides. Kids of all ages love our slides that have twists, turns, water features and more. A swimming pool slide is the perfect way to transform your own backyard into a personal water park, and we only carry the highest quality water rides. Our slides are equipped with the best water flow, are highly durable for years of fun and excitement, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

All of our inground pool slides are made by the leading outdoor slide manufacturers, including S.R. Smith, in both right and left hand turns to ensure the right fit for your back yard and landscaping.

Slides Are Designed for Inground Pools Only

You can only install a slide in an inground pool because above ground pools are simply not deep enough to slide safely into the water without risk of hitting the bottom, which could result in injury or death.

Installing Your Slide

Each brand of slide and slide model has unique assembly and installation instructions. As you browse through each of our slides you will see installation videos that provide details about how to assemble the product. However, there are a few installation tips that apply to all slides:

  • Never install a slide in an above ground pool. Doing so could cause injury or death
  • Ensure your pool is the correct size and depth to safely install the slide
  • Read the installation manual thoroughly before getting started
  • Ensure that your slide arrives with all the parts, hardware and instructions; if you are missing anything call us immediately
  • Check the condition of all the parts of your slide; if anything is damaged call us immediately, and never assemble a slide with damaged pieces
  • Ensure you have all the tools on hand before you get started
  • Our slides do not come with booster pumps; a booster pump is not required for installation on any of the slides we sell
  • If your slide has a water feature you will want to place the water supply near the slide before you get started

Pool Service

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