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Maintain The Right Balance Of Hot Tub And Spa Chemicals

If you have a hot tub or spa, then you need chemicals to disinfect and sanitize your water and control the growth of harmful algae and bacteria, but for many new hot tub and spa owners, finding the right balance of chemicals can sometimes be a challenge.

Using the right balance of bromine, chlorine and other spa chemicals is important to ensure your water stays clear and safe. But be careful of using too many chemicals - you want your spa water to be clean while remaining gentle on your skin so that you are able to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a soak in your hot tub or spa.

To help you get the best performance out of your hot tub or spa, Pool Supplies Canada offers a variety of chemicals, including sanitizers, cleaners, clarifiers, filter cleaners and defoamers, all available for purchase online at competitively low prices.

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