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Ladders and Steps

Ladders And Steps Provide Safety And Ease For Your Pool

A ladder, steps and rails are an important and often overlooked safety feature to any pool. Ladders and steps offer assistance to young, tired or inexperienced swimmers, helping them get in and out of the pool safely.

Steps are an important feature for anyone with limited mobility. Water is a great way to rehabilitate a serious injury. Don't let a lack of steps stop you from enjoying your pool after recovering from a knee injury or other serious surgery. With steps in place you can safely get back into your pool as soon as your doctor says it is okay.

DIY Pool Ladder And Step Installation

Most homeowners can install their new pool ladder or steps with the tools they have at home. First, choose the right ladder or steps for the depth of your pool. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool you can find two, three and four step ladders and stairs.

Ladders are usually shipped unassembled and packaging will include the ladder treads, bumpers, bolts, nuts and plates as well as assembly instructions. It is important to note that most ladders do not come with deck anchor sockets to secure the rail to the pool deck - you will need to buy these separately. In-wall pool ladders are a common feature of an inground pool but are not easy to install on an existing pool after the fact. This is why drop-in steps have become a popular feature for both above ground and inground pools.

Pool Service

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