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Above Ground Pool Liners

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Canada's Largest Selection of Above Ground Liners With Over 100 Patterns!

LamiClear UV protection built in to every liner!

All Liners are Made From 100% Virgin Vinyl!

Largest Selection of Liners in Canada

Canada's Largest Selection of Above Ground Liners With Over 100 Patterns!

LamiClear UV protection built in to every liner!

All Liners are Made From 100% Virgin Vinyl!

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Pool Liner Beading and Connection Styles


Above Ground Overlap Pool Liners

Above ground overlap liners are pulled over the wall and rolled up on the exterior side of the pool. This style will normally have a round or flat plastic coping that snaps over top of the liner to keep it in place. Above ground Overlap Liners are the most prevalent type and are the least expensive.

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Standard Bead

Above Ground Beaded Pool Liners

The most popular type of above ground beaded liner is known as the "Standard Bead or Snap Bead" which tucks / snaps into a coping that is fastened over the pool wall. The required coping is called a Bead Retainer. This application is an excellent choice for customers who are building decks around their pool and will not be able to dismantle the pool to change the liner in the future. Above ground beaded liners provide a clean finished look as they are not visible from the exterior of the pool.

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U J Hook

Above Ground U/J Hook Pool Liner

The U/J above ground liner fits over top of the wall's edge directly (like an upside down letter "U"). Many of the U / J liners we carry are a universal bead that will work on either standard bead applications or U/J bead applications.

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About our Above Ground Liners

DIY Above Ground Pool Liner Installation is Easy

Did you know that installing your own above ground pool liner is easy? You can do it yourself and enjoy substantial savings. Whether you need a liner for your new pool or are looking to replace or repair your existing liner, you can tackle the job yourself. First though, you need to decide which liner is best for your pool.

Pool Supplies Canada offers top quality above ground liners at the guaranteed lowest price. We offer an assortment of liners with a wide variety of patterns - all in stock and ready to ship! Just place your order, and your liner will be on its way to you the very next day. Our above ground pool liners are manufactured in Canada and the United States, and this means our vinyl is superior in quality and workmanship.

Our heavy duty pool liners are:

  • - Constructed from 100% virgin vinyl material that is industry standard 20 gauge thickness
  • - Designed with UV inhibitors to help extend the life of your liner by protecting it from the damaging rays of the sun and harsh pool chemicals
  • - Computer cut for accuracy
  • - Examined thoroughly and undergo the most rigid quality control inspections

Tips for Installing Your Own Above Ground Pool Liner

Installing your own above ground pool liner is easy. First, you need to determine:

  • - The size of your pool (diameter and perimeter)
  • - The wall height of your pool
  • - The condition of your current coping.
  • - The liner connection style (the standard connection styles are Overlap, Standard Bead and U / J Hook)

Pieces of coping that are 10 or more years old should be replaced at the time of installation. You can find new coping prices here.Not sure what type of liner bead you have? Read our how to identify your liner bead type guide for assistance.

Tip: For easy installation and to protect your liner use our Pool Cove and Floor Pads. Need some help? Visit our How to Guides section for more information about installing your above ground liner.

Why is Virgin Vinyl Important in a Pool Liner?

Durable and long lasting, virgin vinyl is the best liner material on the market. 100% virgin vinyl means that the vinyl does not contain recycled vinyl, added plastics or other materials. With a 100% virgin vinyl pool liner, your liner will expand and contract evenly with the seasons, providing a tight fit and standing up against even the most extreme Canadian weather conditions.

Aqua Leader Spec Liners

Aqua Leader's high quality pools and liners are top of the line and built to last. If you have an Aqua Leader pool manufactured prior to 2008, Aqua Leader Spec Liners are available - please contact us for more details.

What Our Customers Are Saying

At Pool Supplies Canada, we take our customers feedback very seriously, and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service - from the moment you first place your order, to after your liner is installed. Below are just a few of the kind words we've received from our thousands of above ground pool liner customers over the years - to see more, visit our Facebook or Customer Reviews page. It's no coincidence that we are Canada's number one above ground pool liner supplier!

  • I was really hesitant to purchase a liner from you, I wanted to buy one locally but I'm so glad I decided to order from you. I ordered on a Sunday afternoon and it was delivered Tuesday morning. We installed it without any problems and it looks so much prettier than any of the ones I could find here. I love it!

    Thank you! Kari 5 Stars
  • Thank you so much for such excellent customer service. Our liner arrived quickly and fit like a glove. We will certainly be recommending you to family and friends.

    Very happy customers, Doug and Deby 5 Stars
  • Thanks for the follow up Ryan, putting liner in on Sunday, we are very happy with website and service, will recommend in my area and yes we will be ordering more in future for sure.

    Kevin 5 Stars
  • Ordered my liner, rhino pad,coves and waveless foam walls last Monday, received them Wednesday, I installed yesterday, filling the pool today. Great service, great products.

    Joanne 5 Stars


If you have further questions, feel free to contact one of our Liner Specialists at liner@poolsuppliescanada.ca. Please note that our above ground pool liners are made to standard specification sizing. If you have a custom sized pool, it may not work with standard liner specs.