Salt Water Systems

Salt water pools are becoming a popular alternative to pool sanitation systems, like the traditional chlorine pool. With a salt water system from Pool Supplies Canada you can avoid the hassle and cost of chlorine while enjoying water that is gentler on your body.

About Salt Water Systems

Save Time and Money with a Salt Water Pool

Technically, a salt water pool is not chlorine free. Instead, the salt water system automatically converts ordinary salt into chlorine, using less of the harsh chemicals usually required to keep your pool clean. With sensors to automatically generate and introduce more chlorine when your pool water needs it, salt systems require less maintenance, saving you time and money.

Although a salt water pool is initially more expensive than a regular chlorine pool because of the up-front investment in the salt water system, many homeowners find they recoup the cost in chemicals over the lifetime of their pool. In fact, salt water pools provide up to 50% savings over conventional chlorine systems.

Health Benefits of Salt Water Systems

Salt water pools are safer than chlorine because you don't have to store the chemical and since the chlorine is produced by the salt used in the system you are exposed to much less of it. This is why swimmers find that their skin and eyes are less irritated when they swim in a salt water pool. The low chlorine levels in the pool are gentler on your skin, hair and eyes. Many people also notice the smooth, silky, rain-water feel of a salt water pool. If the smell of chlorine bothers you then you'll love having a salt water pool, where the offensive chlorine smell is not an issue.