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Fibreglass Inground Pool Designs

Fibreglass Pools

Get Swimming This Summer - Our Fibreglass Pools are Available for Order Now!

Installing a fibreglass swimming pool will allow you to spend time outdoors with your kids or grandchildren, get active, relax after work or entertain friends and family.

Whatever your plans, if you're looking for a fibreglass pool, you've come to the right place! We have the highest quality selection of fibreglass pool kits and packages, available with the best turnaround times in Canada, and at guaranteed low prices! Combine our affordability with our easy selection process, and you'll be swimming in no time!

Guaranteed Lowest Prices • Best Strength and Rigidity • Highest Quality

Available Fibreglass Inground Pool Shapes

Click on a pool shape below for more details, features and to request a quote*.


* Fibreglass pools currently available for purchase/delivery in Ontario only at this time. All prices shown are exclusive of any applicable shipping/delivery cost(s).

About Our Fibreglass Pools

Our pools are constructed using Graphene Nano-Technology which is 200x stronger than steel.

We combine modern design with technology in each of our fibreglass pools. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes to create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of. Our ColourGuard™ technology is the world's only patented surface protection system that guarantees your pool colour will not fade. Thanks to the breakthrough design of our pools, you can enjoy increased strength and rigidity with 30% less weight, saving you money on transportation and installation.

Our fibreglass pool kits contain everything you need to get up and running!

Contents Pool Only Complete Pool Kit
Fibreglass Pool Shell check mark check mark
Pool Skimmer & 2 Return Jets check mark check mark
1 HP Hayward Max Flo XL Inground Pump not applicable check mark
23" Hayward Sand Filter & Sand not applicable check mark
Inground Fitting & Plumbing Package not applicable check mark
Maintenance & Vacuum Equipment not applicable check mark
Solar Blanket & Winter Cover not applicable check mark

Hayward Equipment

Purchase Hayward Equipment as Part of your New Pool Kit Equipment Package and Receive an Extended 3 Year Warranty!

Why Choose Pool Supplies Canada?

Our pool packages are designed to create an easy decision making process for prospective pool owners. At Pool Supplies Canada we take pride in the quality of the materials and equipment which make up our fibreglass swimming pool packages. We carry a fantastic variety of designs to help make a big splash with all of your friends and family!

Our fibreglass swimming pool kits feature:

  • Graphene Nano-Tech infused Resin for a lighter, stronger and more durable pool
  • Patented Pool Colourguard® surface protection that will ensure your pool’s colour won’t fade
  • Built in full-size structural ribbing system, edge beam details and step reinforcement so your pool will last even longer
  • Pool Colourguard limited lifestyle interior surface guarantee and extended lifetime structural warranties are included to give you peace of mind

Designed with You in Mind

Aqua Technics Fibreglass Pools

We endeavor to deliver a great swimming pool experience for all of our customers as a trusted Dealer of Aqua Technics Pools, which has manufactured over 60,000 pools since 1976. Innovation, a superior world-class product, and our ability to exceed expectations in terms of quality, value, and customer service have all contributed to their company’s longevity. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that families enjoy their swimming pool and make memories that will last a lifetime!

The Installation Process

All site prep starts with obtaining the proper permits, if required, and identifying where utilities are located within the project area. The excavation area is then prepared by outlining the pool dimensions with spray paint or using a pre-fabricated template that matches the pool design. Most of the digging will be done by an excavator, which will remove the vast majority of the dirt. Care is taken to follow the outline of the pool by only slightly digging beyond the dimensions of the pool and leveling the pool within the excavation area.

Once the pool is set level, the process of adding water and backfill begins. First, 6" of gravel is placed around the bottom radius of the pool. This is called "locking in" the pool. Once the conditions are right to start pouring concrete, the deck surrounding your pool will begin taking shape. An equipment pad will be strategically located on the project site to hold the pump, filter, heater, electrical equipment, and other options that may be part of the installation. Setting up the forms, pouring the concrete, bonding, and letting it settle can take anywhere from 2-3 days, depending on the weather.

Choose the Colour That's Right For You!

Pool Colour Guard Technology
Plenty of Great Fibrelass Pool Shell Colour Options are Available

ColourGuard is the only patented surface protection system in the world that ensures your pool’s colour will not fade. It’s like sunscreen for your pool, protecting it from colour loss and fading with a Limited Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee. UV light absorbers and stabilizers give unrivaled protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. A pool with Pool ColourGuard provides improved chemical and water resistance. No other pool can match the benefits of a beautiful, high-gloss finish that lasts year after year. ColourGuard is the world’s only patented surface protection system that assures the colour will not fade, and it’s included with our award-winning fibreglass pool line.

A pool with ColourGuard offers the following advantages, thanks to patented technology and a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee:

Pool Colour that Won’t Fade – Guaranteed for Life on the Interior Surface

The pool is guaranteed to look as good as the day it was installed, even after years of frequent use. Colour fading and weathering are no longer a problem for the wide spectrum of fibreglass surface finishes.

Superior Chemical and Water Resistance

Pool ColourGuard provides a much higher degree of comfort to pool owners. Low pH and high chlorine levels that occur unintentionally will not impair the pool's stunning colour or textured appearance.

Exceptional High-Gloss Finish

Pool ColourGuard creates a dazzling, high-gloss appearance that has never been seen before in a swimming pool. Pool ColourGuard gives the pool’s surface a high-gloss finish that lasts year after year.

UV Ray Resistant

On your pool, ColourGuard functions as a sunscreen. Special UV absorbers and inhibitors are used in the ColourGuard process to drastically reduce ultraviolet light damage of the surface. As a result, a swimming pool with beautiful, vibrant colours that will not be bleached by chlorine, oxidized by chemicals, or destroyed by ultraviolet rays will be available. Only a pool with ColourGuard can provide you with these benefits.

Guaranteed Reliability & Exceptional Service

Additional Information on Our Fibreglass Inground Pool Kits

Fibreglass Pools vs Steel Inground Pools

What's the difference between a fibreglass and steel inground pool? Unlike traditional inground pools, which require a lengthier installation process comprised of excavating, installing and securing the pool walls, pouring concrete, installing a liner and then plumbing, fiberglass pools are single-piece shells. This means you simply need to excavate your yard and have the pool lifted in to place, and after plumbing and filling it up, you're ready to swim!

Fibreglass Pool Tips

  • You can save thousands of dollars by excavating your yard for a new fibreglass pool yourself
  • When planning for a fibreglass pool, be sure to leave enough space to be able to do your plumbing once it has been placed in your yard
  • Before purchasing a fibreglass pool, ensure that you have ample space in your backyard and take into consideration potential roadblocks like buried gas lines or septic systems
  • Once your fibreglass pool is installed, you can enhance its appearance in your yard by forming a deck around your new pool
  • If you need assistance with installing your new fibreglass pool, we have a team of fibreglass pool installation experts available who can assist you!

Sample Fibreglass Pool Installation

See How a Fibreglass Pool is Installed

Learn More About Graphene Nano-Technology

Get Inspired

Get Inspired! Here are some photos from our customers who have installed our fibreglass pools and transformed their yards. Scroll over the images below to view more.

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