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Pool Filters

Sand Filters

What is a sand filter? Sand filters are the most popular type of pool filter as they are very affordable and require low maintenance. They can efficiently remove large and medium particles that could accumulate in a pool and no chemicals are ever needed to clean your sand filter, saving you money. Sand filters are considered the perfect choice for owners concerned with price and ease of use.

Cartridge Filters

What is a Cartridge Filter? Cartridge filters offer a superior filtering capability over sand filters while costing much less than DE filters. They use replaceable filter elements that can be changed in minutes, eliminating the need to handle messy powders or sand, and last for years if taken care of. While their filter elements do require chemicals if especially dirty, they normally can be cleaned by just being sprayed with a garden hose. Best of all, cartridge filters can be serviced with no downtime required simply by purchasing a second filter element, which can be swapped out when cleaning the other one. For pool owners looking for an excellent all-around filter, a cartridge filter will keep your pool water clean and healthy for years to come.

Pool Service

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