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Inground Pool Designs

Inground Pools

Get Swimming This Summer - Our Canadian Made Inground Pool Kits are Available for Order Now with The Fastest Production and Shipping in Canada!

Installing an inground swimming pool will allow you to spend time outdoors with your kids or grandchildren, get active, relax after work or entertain friends and family.

Whatever your plans, if you're looking for an inground pool you've come to the right place! We have the highest quality selection of inground pools and inground pool packages at guaranteed low prices. Combine our affordability with our easy selection process and you'll be swimming in no time!

Guaranteed Lowest Prices • Canadian Made • Highest Quality

About Our Inground Pool Kits

Why Choose Pool Supplies Canada?

Our basic and complete pool packages are designed to create an easy decision making process for prospective pool owners. At Pool Supplies Canada we take pride in the quality of the materials, liners and equipment which make up our inground swimming pool packages. We carry a fantastic variety of designs and liners to help make a big splash with all of your friends and family!

Our inground swimming pool kits feature:

  • 5" Wide Top and Bottom Flanges
  • 14 gauge, zinc-coated galvanized steel walls
  • 5" Wide Top and Bottom Flanges
  • 14 gauge, zinc-coated galvanized steel walls

Compare our inground kits, see the difference!

  • Top quality G235 (Z720) zinc-coated 14 gauge galvanized steel wall panels with "Z" rib internal supports for optimum strength
  • 5 inches wide top and bottom flanges - the industry's thickest and most rugged - for additional support, with a standard wall panel height of 42 inches
  • Panels have 45° miter and 90° corners with gusset plates - our corners are stronger than any other in the industry, including those that are overlapped, cut and bent, or welded
  • Unique, heavy-duty notched A-Frame that provides unparalleled strength and durability
  • Every steel panel and brace has 2.35 oz. of zinc galvanization per square foot to protect against corrosion - the heaviest coating of zinc galvanization you can buy!
  • Straight and curved wall panels with 7 strategically located holes at both ends to ensure positive and accurate alignments
  • End panels with recessed ends for seamless panel connection

Our inground pool kits contain everything you need to get up and running!

Contains Basic Pool Kit ** Complete Pool Kit
Pool Structure, Panels & Hardware check mark check mark
Industry Standard Perma 30 Thickness Liner & Coping check mark check mark
Pool Skimmer & Return Jet check mark check mark
1 HP Hayward Max Flo XL Inground Pump not applicable check mark
23" Hayward Sand Filter & Sand not applicable check mark
Inground Fitting & Plumbing Package not applicable check mark
Maintenance & Vacuum Equipment not applicable check mark
Solar Blanket & Winter Cover * not applicable check mark

* Freeform shaped pools will receive a Liquid Solar Blanket and $100 store credit towards the purchase of a Safety Cover in place of a Solar Cover and Winter Cover

** Pool, liner and skimmer only (basic) packages available upon request; speak to a specialist today for more information.

Hayward Equipment

Plus: Purchase Hayward Equipment with your New Pool Kit and Receive an Extended 3 Year Warranty!

Designed with You in Mind

Guaranteed Reliability & Easy Installation

Additional Information on Our Inground Pool Kits

Inground Pools vs Above Ground Pools

What's the difference between an inground and above ground pool? With an inground pool you can have: a deep end, diving boards, water slides, water features, and walk-in steps, for enhanced accessibility.

Inground Pool Tips

  • You can save thousands of dollars by installing your inground pool yourself
  • Before purchasing an inground pool ensure that you have ample space in your backyard and take into consideration potential roadblocks like buried gas lines or septic systems
  • When installing your pool make sure you double and triple check all your measurements
  • During installation of your pool ensure every bolt is fastened tightly
  • When installing your inground pool the ground must be properly graded
  • Inground pools with resin components can be used with a salt water system
  • Only install a slide or diving board if your inground pool has enough depth
  • Note: some provinces may require engineered stamped drawings to meet local ordinances and requirements - speak to an inground pool specialist for more information and details

What to Expect When Receiving an Inground Pool Kit

Get Inspired

Get Inspired! Here are some photos from our customers who have installed their own inground pools and transformed their yards. Scroll over the images below to view more.

Watch a Customers' DIY Pool Installation From Start-to-Finish

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • 5 Stars

    I decided to install an inground pool in my backyard on my own in June 2023. I decided to go with Pool Supplies Canada because of their online content and because they had a good reputation. I had absolutely no experience with pool installations - this was the first time I was going to undertake such a task. I essentially studied in depth their video tutorials, I also called customer service.

    I wanted a 12x24 rectangle pool with custom depth of 7 ft in the deep end. I wanted lights, as well as a waterfall. They sent me the rough in specs and all the supplies so I was able get started. In quick summary... I rented an excavator and a skid steer to start excavating and moving the dirt. I dug the hole - ended up refining a lot by hand (mainly because I had absolutely no excavation experience so I wasn't the best at refining the dig with the machines). I set up the pool walls, made sure all was level, secured/bolted properly as per the tutorials. I then ordered a cement truck and I got a few friends to help me bring wheelbarrows of cement from the street to the outer pool shell to secure it (cheapest way to do it...) Then I had crushed stone delivered and starting putting that around the perimeter as per the specs. I set up all the plumbing myself (my pool has one skimmer and 4 return lines - the two regular return lines it comes with, as well as a fountain that I built and a return for a slide that I plan on putting in the coming years). The only thing I hired an external company for was electrical. For two reasons - one - I wanted it to be safe electrically obviously and it had to pass electrical safety inspection and two - the warranty is voided if your electrical pool equipment isn't set up from a certified electrical company).

    Once that was all done, I backfilled the rest of the perimeter and then started cementing the inside base and prepping it for the liner as per all the instructions. I added insulation on the walls and then ended up putting the vinyl liner on (I ordered the strong suction machine for this task as it is recommended - cost me about a grand for the machine but it's worth it because I also use it to close my pool in the winter - it has a powerful blower and clears the plumbing lines properly). I filled the pool up with regular hose water from my house – took me 3 days straight but surprisingly the water bill wasn’t expensive at all. As the water reached the right height, I cut the liner area for the lights, returns and skimmer. I then cemented around the perimeter and turned my equipment on (I have a salt water system, with an electrical heat pump as well).

    In the end it took my about 2.5 months - so I started late May and was swimming by early August 2023. All to say that pool supplies was great, they had awesome customer service, great online content and 1 year later - my second season - everything is still working great and the pool looks mint - I do take good care of it though ;) If you're planning on doing it yourself - it can be physically demanding (i.e. the dig, doing refinements by hand, moving cement around, moving crush stone, cementing the interior, fighting the weather, draining the rain, etc... so be prepared for that - having some friends to help out goes a long way) I ended up saving about 100K doing it myself based on the quotes I got… essentially just paying for supplies and materials.

    5 stars - great company and great customer service - i'll be buying the slide from them also in the coming few years. I wouldn't have been able to do this without their help and their tutorials.

    Tim M.
    Tim M Inground Pool Installation Tim M Inground Pool Installation Tim M Inground Pool Installation
  • 5 Stars

    I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the amazing service you gave me in regards to my inground pool kit and the order for the lights! I got all the lights and tiger flex this morning and we are already installing them to get ready for the weekend of back fill! Once again, thank you very much and I will continue buying from you guys and already spoke of your kits to 2 of my friends! Have a good day!

  • 5 Stars

    Just to let you know that our pool has been running for a month now and we are loving it! Thanks again. You people are great to deal with.

    Ken and Joanne here in the boonies in NE Saskatchewan

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