Pool Chemicals

The Secret to Great Water is Finding the Right Balance of Pool Chemicals

If you have a pool then you need pool chemicals to disinfect and sanitize your water and control the growth of harmful algae and bacteria. For many new pool owners pool chemicals come with a steep learning curve. Pool Supplies Canada is here to help you find the right balance of pool chemicals to keep your pool water clean and safe while remaining gentle on your skin, eyes and hair. Our chemical experts have created a variety of pool chemical kits which include all the chemicals you need to keep your pool's water pH balanced, all for one convenient low price.

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Regular pool chemicals like chlorine will keep your pool water clean, but what chemicals should you use if you have a problem with your pool water? Chemicals are often the solution to common pool water problems like...

Too much algae in your pool

If you notice algae growing in your pool then you may not be using enough chemicals to control the growth of algae and other harmful bacteria. If you see the green or brown tinge of algae along your pool liner or floor then you may want to consider an algaecide which comes in liquid and solid block/tablet form.

Stains on your pool liner or pool floor

Stains can sometimes occur on your pool liner, floor or other areas of your pool. These stains could be caused by algae and bacteria, but also from the overuse of pool chemicals or from a misused pool ionizer which may be releasing an incorrect or inconsistent amount of copper and silver ions. Stain and scale control is an effective pool chemical that helps pool owners prevent and treat scale and stains on their pool's lining.

Cleaning your pool water after heavy use

If you've just had a pool party and you invited the whole neighbourhood then your pool water probably needs some extra TLC. Chemical shock is a way to quickly treat your pool after heavy use. Also known as super chlorinating, when you add shock to your pool you're adding three to five times the regular amount of chemicals to your pool water.

Not only will shocking your pool water keep your water clean and safe, it will raise the chlorine levels which will kill bacteria or other organic materials in your pool. Shocking your pool water also boosts the effectiveness of the chlorine in the pool water. You should add shock to your pool regularly. How often you add it varies from pool owner to pool owner and depends on the size of your pool, how frequently you use it, how many people use it and the weather, specifically how hot the temperature outside is.

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