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Ionizers and Mineral Purifiers

Reduce Pool Maintenance And Chemical Levels

Pool ionizers and mineral purifiers work alongside your pool's sanitation system to reduce pool algae and bacteria. You cannot use a pool ionizer or mineral purifier alone to keep your pool clean. You must still use chlorine, salt or other shock treatment to kill the bacteria and algae in your pool and maintain water that is safe to swim in. Pool water that only uses an ionizer or mineral purifier to clean the water has been proven unsafe for swimming.

Using a pool ionizer and/or mineral purifier with your current sanitation system will help you reduce the time you spend keeping your pool clean and reduce the amount of chemicals like chlorine and bromine that you use to keep your pool's pH level balanced. Pool ionizers and mineral purifiers that work alongside an existing sanitation system have been shown effective in reducing chlorine use by up to 40 per cent.

What's The Difference Between An Ionizer And Mineral Purifier?

A pool ionizer and mineral purifier are very similar. Both use copper and/or silver to kill algae and bacteria in the pool water. The main difference is the way that copper and silver is released. An ionizer uses electricity to charge a metal plate on your pool's subpanel, releasing copper and silver ions into the water. A mineral purifier uses a cartridge system to release the metal particles directly into the water.

With a mineral purifier, you will need to purchase a replacement cartridge once each pool season (or every 6 months if you use your pool year round). With an ionizer, you will need to purchase and change the electrodes once every one to three seasons if used with a pool, or every two to three years if used with a spa.

Pool ionizers and mineral purifiers are not effective stand-alone sanitizers because they simply release ions that will kill a specific type of microorganism should it come in contact with it. For this reason you must use both products alongside your existing chlorine or sanitation systems.

Pool Ionizers

A pool ionizer uses electricity to produce copper ions (which kill algae) and silver ions (which kill bacteria) within your pool's existing plumbing. A low voltage, DC current runs from a plate in your pool's sub panel. This current energizes copper and silver electrodes. A voltage is also applied to metallic electrodes that are within your plumbing pipe, causing an electrical current that transforms the copper and silver electrode's atoms into an ion. These ions are swept up in the passing water and introduced into your pool, where they float until they encounter a microorganism and kill it (copper ions will kill algae only and silver ions will only kill bacteria).

Benefits of Using a Pool Ionizer

Ionizers continually release microscopic copper and silver ions into the water which helps control algae and bacteria without using as many chemicals. You'll spend less time adjusting your pool's pH levels with a pool ionizer. Ions last longer in your water than chlorine and bromine, they won't dissipate or evaporate and they are unaffected by pH, temperature, aeration and sunlight. Pool ionizers are a good, cost effective addition to your pool's sanitation system.

Can I add a sequestering agent to the water?

You should not use a sequestering agent with an ionizer. Stain and scale preventing sequestering agents are needed if you have source water with high concentrations of iron, calcium, lime etc. Although these products are designed to remove iron and calcium, they will also remove the ions. If you have a serious staining and scaling concern, you can treat the water at the source using a Metal Trap filter. This filter can be attached to any garden hose and will remove contaminants before they enter the pool or spa.

About ClearBlue Ionizers

The ClearBlue pool ionizer system hooks into your existing pool filtration system and releases microscopic mineral ions which control bacteria and algae. This allows you to reduce the amount of chlorine, algaecide and other chemicals you need to use by up to 90%! The ClearBlue Ionizer costs less than a salt chlorinator, and pools equipped with the ClearBlue ionizer system require less maintenance and upkeep than traditional chlorine or salt water pools. Best of all, the minerals that ClearBlue systems produce and release in to your pool are completely harmless to your pool equipment, structure and landscaping.

Mineral Purifiers

Mineral purifiers are a good eco-friendly addition to your pool's current sanitation system. Installing a mineral purifier will help you to reduce your use of chemicals like chlorine. Mineral purifiers like Nature2 work with your pool's filtration system to deliver minerals that fight bacteria and algae.

How Does a Mineral Purifier Work?

A mineral purifier uses a cartridge system to release copper and silver ions directly into your pool's water. These ions then neutralize algae or bacteria that they may happen to come in contact with.

Unlike a pool ionizer, some mineral purifiers like Nature2 use controlled release technology to automatically dispense the right amount of minerals into your pool water, which will help control the levels of silver and copper in your pool's water and prevent staining.

Benefits of Using a Mineral Purifier

A mineral purifier is a low-chlorine option that works with your pool's current sanitation system to help keep your pool's pH balanced and improve alkalinity levels. You'll enjoy cleaner and gentler pool water and have to dedicate less time maintaining your pool's water and chemical levels when you use a mineral purifier.

If you regularly replace your mineral purifier cartridge (when you open your pool or every 6 months) then you won't need to worry about your pool liner staining due to the build up of excess minerals.

About Nature2 Mineral Purifiers

An industry leader for over 18 years, Nature2 Mineral Purifiers are the most successful mineral-based systems on the market, and have been installed in over 300,000 pools and spas worldwide.

Nature2 works alongside your pool's filtration system to automatically deliver minerals like copper and silver to your pool water. These minerals help your existing sanitation system kill the bacteria and algae in your pool water which results in improved pH and alkalinity levels and cleaner pool water with less work on your part.

Nature2 uses controlled release technology to automatically dispense the right amount of mineral ions into your pool water, which means your mineral purifier will continuously assist with your pool's sanitation system and it won't stain your pool because you'll never introduce too many minerals into your pool's water.

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