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Inground Pool Cleaners

With a robotic pool cleaner you can simply drop your robot friend in your pool and let it go to work. Robot pool cleaners vacuum all areas of your pool without any effort on your end. They are efficient, cost effective and best of all they work 24/7 to keep your pool clean and ready for you to enjoy. So the next time company drops in unexpectedly you can enjoy your time with them instead of frantically trying to clean your pool so it's ready for an impromptu pool party.

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

There are a number of above ground pool cleaner options including robotic, automatic or manual pool cleaners. A robotic or automatic above ground pool cleaner will save you time and effort because they can clean your pool while you're not around. A manual above ground pool cleaner is more affordable but requires you to do some of the work.

Pool Cleaner Accessories

With the right parts and accessories for your pool cleaner you can extend its life span and improve its performance, keeping your pool cleaner for longer.

What is a Pool Cleaner?

Pool cleaners are tools that help pool owners clean their pools. There are many different types including manual, suction, pressure, and robotic pool cleaners. Do you feel like you're spending more time cleaning and maintaining your pool than you are swimming and relaxing in it? If so, then consider fixing or upgrading your pool cleaner!

The main types of pool cleaners include suction (vacuum) pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners, and manual pool cleaners (like skimmer nets). Pool cleaners remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, sand, and even pebbles. Automatic and robotic cleaners are easy to use and operate so you can set them in your pool and forget about them. They are built to work quickly, effectively and quietly, with an automatic or robotic pool cleaner you'll spend less time cleaning and more time swimming!

Pool cleaners are great as they allow pool owners to virtually eliminate a large part of pool maintenance, but which type of cleaner is right for your pool? When looking at pool cleaners, there are three different types: suction side, pressure side and robotic cleaners. Review the information below to find out more about cleaners and the pros and cons to each cleaner type.

Compare The Available Types of Cleaners to Find The Best Fit For You!

Type of Cleaner Purchase Cost Operating Cost Additional Equipment Needed Cleaning Capabilities Power Source
Robotic Cleaners Most Expensive Least Expensive None Automatically, Intelligently Cleans Full Pool (Floors/Walls/Cove/Waterline) Wall Plug or Internal Battery
Suction Cleaners Least Expensive Most Expensive Pump/Filter System Automatically, Unpredictably Cleans Partial Pool (Floors/Walls) No Power; Runs Off Suction from Pump
Pressure Cleaners Average Cost Average Cost Booster Pump or Dedicated Pressure Line Automatically, Unpredictably Cleans Partial Pool (Floors/Walls) No Power; Runs Off Pressure from Booster Pump

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners do not use your existing pool equipment; rather, they run off the power from your house and a standard GFCI plug outlet, or are cordless and battery-operated. They significantly reduce wear on your pool equipment and have much lower overall power costs and consumption, while providing superior cleaning power. Robotic pool cleaners pick up large and small debris in the built-in on board filtration system. Most robotic pool cleaners clean and scrub the pool floor, walls, water line and even sporadically will clean your steps, virtually eliminating the need to clean your pool walls with a brush! The reduced maintenance and wear on pool equipment makes robotic pool cleaners todays preferred choice for pool cleaning.

Pros: Superior cleaning, energy efficient, eliminates wear on pool equipment

Cons: Higher upfront cost, requires the need to empty filter

Suction Side Automatic Cleaners

Suction side cleaners work with the suction line in your pool. Suction side pool cleaners attach to the suction line and utilize the suction from the pump to propel the cleaner throughout the pool while scrubbing the pool surface, eliminating dirt and debris from your pool. Using suction side cleaners will require you to complete weekly backwashing of your filtration system.

Pros: Lower cost, fewer moving parts, easy maintenance

Cons: Increased pressure on filter, requires pool pump to run

Pressure Side Automatic Cleaners

Pressure side cleaners utilize an existing pressure side line to propel the cleaner throughout your pool. The water returned back into your pool fuels the cleaner, but it will require an additional booster pump to run. Unlike suction side cleaners, pressure side cleaners do not use your pool’s filtration system to filter out debris. Pressure side cleaners use a filtration bag attached to the cleaner to contain dirt and debris, relieving pressure and wear on your filtration system. It will also help reduce the need to do backwashing.

Pros: Lower cost, easy maintenance, relieves pressure on filter

Cons: Can require extra booster pump, requires pool pump to run

Pool Service

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