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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my order be shipped?

A: Usually we are able to process Courier orders and ship them on the same day (if ordered before 12:00pm Eastern Time) to arrive within 2 - 5 business days depending on where you are located in Canada. Please refer to the shipping times for a more accurate time of arrival to your specific location. Freight shipments (150 Lbs or heavier) will take 7 - 12 business days. Freight shipments are delivered curb side.

Pool Supplies Canada highly recommends customers do not schedule any service or installation appointments until product(s) has been received and deemed to be in good condition. Pool Supplies Canada is not liable for any costs or charges incurred as a result of items that are lost and/or damaged, or in the event that a shipment is delayed or late, or for any other event outside of our control.

Q: Are shipping and taxes included in the prices?

A: The shipping and taxes are not included in our prices. You will have to pay the applicable provincial taxes as well as the shipping cost which is based on cubic weight. If you wish to generate a quote to include these costs simply click “ADD TO CART” and type in your province and postal code to calculate these costs.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We have one warehouse which is located out of Burlington, Ontario Canada. We ship quickly to any address in Canada.

Q: Do you ship outside of Canada?

A: At this time we do not offer shipping outside of Canada.

Q: Can I pick up my order?

A: You may pick up your order if you are one of our more local customers. We are not open to the general public for walk in business. How a pick up order is made is to simply select one of the the "Pick Up" shipping methods on the web site when placing your order. We offer both rush (fast) and standard (2-3 business day) pick up options. Our system will recognize these as pick up orders and adjust accordingly so you will not be charged shipping fees. When your order is ready you will be notified by phone call and can then visit the warehouse to pick up your order at the SIDE LOADING DOCKS ONLY. You will require photo ID along with your order ID.

Q: Can I pay when I pick up my order?

A: No. We are not a retail store and so cannot do financial transactions other than through the web site. All orders must be paid for in advance.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Online we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and bank debit through BMO, Scotia, TD, and RBC. You will require online banking services to use your debit card which you can do by visiting your banks website and signing up. For orders placed by telephone we accept Visa or MasterCard. If you wish to pay using a VISA Debit card, select the PayPal, VISA Debit and AMEX payment method, and when prompted to, enter your VISA debit card information as if it were a regular credit card.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes, we do! If your order qualifies, you will be able to select the PayBright payment option at checkout to finance your purchase. Click here to learn more about Financing an order Through PayBright Financial Services.

Q: Who do I call if there is a problem with my order?

A: If you have a problem with your order you would contact us and we will advise on how to proceed depending on your requirements.

Q: Why do I see a charge on my credit card from POOLSUPP/JRTOY?

A: POOLSUPP/JRTOY is the unique merchant identifier assigned to us by our credit card processor. A transaction under this name on your credit card statement is either from Pool Supplies Canada or our sister company, JR Toy Company.

Q: May I use my Native Status card for tax exemption on my purchase?

A: Yes, however you must place your order and pay the taxes in advance, as our website does not recognize native status cards. Once your order is placed, please email with your order number to start the refund process. To apply for native status tax exemption, you must fax or email a copy of the front and back of your native status card as well as your drivers licence. The tax will be refunded once the order has been processed in full - this can take up to 5 business days.

To qualify for provincial tax exemption, the name on the status card must match the billing name, billing address, and shipping name, as well as the name on the credit card. A customer can not place the order under a relatives name who has a native status card, this includes spouses. To qualify for GST tax exemption the order must be delivered to a reserve. Customer must be able to provide proof the address is on a reserve.

Q: Are you a store? Can we come in and look around?

A: We are not a retail store which is open to the public. We are an online business and warehouse with no retail facilities and we will ship your order anywhere you need it to be shipped within Canada.

Q: I purchased the wrong liner; can I return it?

A: You may return the liner if it is still unused in the box. You will have to incur a 40% restocking fee if you do not re-order for the correct liner as well as the return shipping cost. The old adage measure twice and order once will save you a lot of headaches and give you a longer swim season.

Q: Can I add to an existing order?

A: We are not able to add to a pre-existing order. You would have to place a second order.

Q: What thickness are your liners?

A: Our inground liners are industry standard perma 30 gauge and above ground liners standard 20 gauge thickness. They are excellent quality liners complete with UV inhibitors, quality colours and manufactured from virgin vinyl in Canada and the USA.

Q: Do the solar reel bases come with both sides?

A: The solar reel bases do come with both sides but you will want to order the corresponding tube with it.

Q: What size of pump and filter do I need for my pool?

A: Good question - click here to read/download our helpful Pump and Filter sizing guide.

Q: Do the winter covers come with waterbags?

A: The round Fabrene winter covers come with a winch and cable and the rectangle Fabrene covers require water bags or water blocks to weight them which are sold separately.

Q: What is the difference between Standard and Deluxe Above Ground Pool Packages?

A: Both packages have everything you need to set up your pool and more! However the Deluxe package includes upgraded equipment such as a higher end pump and cartridge filter, solar and winter covers, and more. Speak to a specialist for more details.

Q: How many litres of water are there in my pool?

A: Find your pool size and average depth in the chart below for the number of litres of water in your pool.

Average Pool Depth: (Deep End + Shallow End) divided by 2 = Average Depth

Pool Shape Pool Diameter in Feet 1 Ft Avg. Depth 2 Ft Avg. Depth 3 Ft Avg. Depth 4 Ft Avg. Depth 5 Ft Avg. Depth 6 Ft Avg. Depth 7 Ft Avg. Depth 8 Ft Avg. Depth Pool Diameter in Metres
Round 12 3,200 6,400 9,600 12,800 16,000 19,200 22,400 25,600 3.7
Round 15 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 4.6
Round 18 7,200 14,400 21,600 28,800 36,000 43,200 50,400 57,600 5.5
Round 21 9,800 19,600 29,400 39,200 49,000 58,800 68,600 78,400 6.4
Round 24 12,800 25,600 38,400 51,200 64,000 76,800 89,600 102,400 7.3
Round 27 19,553 39,106 58,658 78,211 97,764 117,317 136,970 156,422 8.2
Pool Shape Pool Size in Feet 1 Ft Avg. Depth 2 Ft Avg. Depth 3 Ft Avg. Depth 4 Ft Avg. Depth 5 Ft Avg. Depth 6 Ft Avg. Depth 7 Ft Avg. Depth 8 Ft Avg. Depth Pool Size in Metres
Oval 12 x 24 7,300 14,600 21,900 29,200 36,500 43,800 51,100 58,400 3.7 x 7.3
Oval 15 x 27 10,100 20,200 30,300 40,400 50,500 60,600 70,700 80,800 4.6 x 8.2
Oval 15 x 30 11,400 22,800 34,200 45,600 57,000 68,400 79,800 91,200 4.6 x 9.1
Oval 16 x 32 12,900 25,800 38,700 51,600 64,500 77,400 90,300 103,200 4.9 x 9.8
Oval 16 x 36 14,750 29,500 44,250 59,000 73,750 88,500 103,250 118,000 4.9 x 11.0
Pool Shape Pool Size in Feet 1 Ft Avg. Depth 2 Ft Avg. Depth 3 Ft Avg. Depth 4 Ft Avg. Depth 5 Ft Avg. Depth 6 Ft Avg. Depth 7 Ft Avg. Depth 8 Ft Avg. Depth Pool Size in Metres
Rectangle 14 x 28 11,100 22,200 33,300 44,400 55,500 66,600 77,700 88,800 4.3 x 8.6
Rectangle 16 x 32 14,500 29,000 43,500 58,000 72,500 87,000 101,500 116,000 4.9 x 9.8
Rectangle 18 x 36 18,350 36,700 55,050 73,400 91,750 110,100 128,450 146,800 5.5 x 11.0
Rectangle 20 x 40 22,650 45,300 67,950 90,600 113,250 135,900 158,550 181,200 6.1 x 12.2
Rectangle 25 x 50 35,400 70,800 106,200 141,600 177,000 212,400 247,800 283,200 7.6 x 15.2

Gallons to Litres: Multiply Imperial Gallons by 4.546=litres       Multiply U.S. Gallons by 3.875=litres

Q: How much salt do I need to add to my above ground pool during initial start up?

A: Find your pool size in the chart below for the number of 20 Kg salt bags required for your pool.

Pool Size Bags Required
12 Round 2
15 Round 3
18 Round 4
21 Round 5
24 Round 7
27 Round 11
30 Round 12
12 x 18 Oval 3
12 x 21 Oval 3
12 x 23 Oval 3
12 x 24 Oval 4
15 x 24 Oval 5
15 x 26 Oval 5
15 x 28 Oval 6
15 x 30 Oval 6
18 x 33 Oval 12
18 x 36 Oval 12

Q: What are the benefits of an inground pool safety cover?

A pool safety cover is a solid vinyl or mesh cover that is pulled tightly across your in-ground pool. Secured using anchors which are installed around the perimeter of your pool, a safety cover provides a custom fit that is simply not possible with a regular winter cover.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Safety for your family

The number one reason to own a pool safety cover is, of course, safety. The mesh or vinyl material is pulled tightly across the pool like a trampoline, which allows it to hold a significant amount of weight, meeting ATSM International Standards. Although no one should ever walk on a pool safety cover, in an emergency situation they can hold the weight of an adult, child or family pet.

If you have children, pets, or wildlife around then a safety cover is a must. A regular winter cover will not hold the weight of a child or animal who inadvertently walks or falls onto it, but a safety cover will protect your family and pets from falling into your pool and drowning. For this reason, every pool owner should have one. If you have a regular winter cover then you'll have water bags around your pool to hold the cover in place. These bags become tripping hazards, especially if you're walking at night across your pool deck to get to your hot tub. With a safety cover the anchors holding it in place are flush with your deck or patio stone so there is no need to worry about tripping or falling into your pool.

Browse our pool safety covers.

Safety isn't the only benefit. 9 more reasons to install a pool safety cover:

  • During winter you never have to worry about what a major winter storm will do to your pool cover because a safety cover can manage the weight of heavy snowfalls
  • Leaves and debris stay dry on top of the cover and can be blown off using a leaf blower, which means there's no mess to clean up in spring
  • Some mesh and vinyl designs reduce algae growth by blocking out the sun, resulting in a cleaner pool needing less chemicals
  • You'll lose less water over the winter months, significant cost savings if you're paying for water
  • Regular winter covers host stagnant water on top — an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not so with a mesh safety cover which allows rain and melting snow to drain through
  • A winter cover is made from durable, UV resistant material which is easy to clean —simply hose it down and brush the dirt off
  • Storage is easy because it folds up quickly and uses less space
  • You don't need to waste time filling and placing water bags
  • Safety covers are more durable than a regular winter cover and come with 10 - 20 year warranties

Safety covers are virtually maintenance free, making the process of opening and closing your pool easier and faster. If you're hesitant to get one because of the cost, don't be. You'll save time and money in the long run. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing your pool is safe for your family during the winter months.

Contact one of our pool specialists today to learn how to order the right sized safety cover for your pool.

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