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Ozone and Pool Ozonators

Ozone is fast becoming popular in the sanitation of swimming pools - it is more effective than chlorine, and is safe. Ozone is widely used in pools in the US and fast catching up elsewhere in the world, like Canada. The decomposition of ozone leaves behind oxygen, where chlorine produces toxic chloramines which can have a searing effect on the eyes and leaves behind the smell of chlorine on the body.

When you think of ozone, you probably think of the thin layer of gas in our atmosphere. Ozone is a gas that is also used to filter pool water. How does it work? A pool ozone generator uses a high voltage ionization process that creates ozone gas. Ozone is also created through an ultraviolet radiation treatment but the UV process produces less gas (about 5% ozone) compared to the ionization process (which produces about 20% ozone). Ozone is a strong oxidizer (about 100 times stronger than chlorine) and it helps break down pool contaminants like grease and oils, which keeps your pool water clean. A great benefit of using ozone is that it does not affect the pH levels of your swimming pool, which means that you'll have to adjust the pH levels less often. For this reason people who use an ozone sanitation system along with their chlorine or salt water system use less chemicals over time.


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