Keep your pool or hot tub water crystal clear with our great selection of pool and hot tub chemicals!

To find the pool or spa chemicals you require, select from one of our 3 chemical categories or specialty chemical brands below.

Keep your pool or spa in the proper condition with our selection of quality pool and hot tub chemicals at bargain prices. From Winter closing kits to Spring opening kits, we have all the chemicals you need for maintaining your pool available at discounted prices. We offer the leading brands such as Pool Pure®, SeaKlear®, AquaChek®, Clear Spa and Natural Chemistry® swimming pool and spa chemicals. Keep your swimming pool and hot tub crystal clear all season long and protect against algae, bacteria, disease, cloudy water, metal scaling, stains and more with our great chemical selection.

About our Chemical Brands

  • SeaKlear


    We offer a wide range of cost-effective water care products to treat just about any dirty water issue. Our focus is on taking the bad stuff out of your pool water, so your family can swim happy. SeaKlear offers an arsenal of solutions that will do battle with any pool water problem.


  • Natural Chemistry

    Natural Chemistry

    Natural Chemistry strives to provide naturally based solutions to common problems, make products that are quick and easy to implement, provide a wide variety of products to cater to many different needs and overall, improve the experience of your pool and spa!


  • Pool Pure

    Pool Pure

    Pool Pure swimming pool chemicals are manufactured by The Pool and Spa Chemical Company. With over 60 years experience in the swimming pool and spa chemical manufacturing industry, we are one of the oldest and most renowned suppliers in Canada.