Chemical Feeders

Automatic pool chemical feeders take the guess work out of pool maintenance. This type of pool sanitation system dispenses the exact quantity of chemicals into your pool at the right time to help you keep the correct chemical levels for your pool.

Whether you're looking for a chlorinator, brominator or chlorine tablet dispenser, Pool Supplies Canada offers the widest selection of automated chemical feed systems in Canada. We provide you with top products from industry leading manufacturers like Hayward so that maintaining and balancing your chemical levels is easier and more convenient than ever before.

Features to Look for in Your Chemical Feeder

When you're choosing a chlorinator, brominator or other type of chemical feeder you should consider looking for one with a:

  • Cover that you can lock and seal while still providing easy access to add chemical tablets. Ensuring the cover is locked will prevent children or pets from gaining access to the chemicals.
  • Chamber capacity that will accommodate the size of your pool.
  • Regulatory valve that will allow you to adjust and control the rate that chemicals are fed into your pool. Each pool and environment is slightly unique, so you'll need to make adjustments for the conditions of your pool