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A Guide To Buying A New Winter Cover

Why Are Winter Covers Important?

Winter covers are the key to maintaining your swimming pool during the cold Winter. They shield it from the elements, from snow to hail and even fallen leaves. To keep your pool functional come Spring, it is crucial that you inspect your Winter cover and make sure it is performing in top condition.

Winter covers are made from high-density polyethylene material. This material is resistant to all kinds of damage and well suited to snowy, rainy seasons.

The cover is sealed with a laminating process. Both sides of the cover have 3.24oz - 4.12oz lamination (depending on the cover purchased) for UV resistance and increased lifespan.

Why You Need a Winter Cover

If you want to enjoy your pool next year, you need a Winter cover.

Using a Winter cover is necessary because it:

All covers are treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays, inhibiting deterioration, preventing tearing, and increasing the cover's longevity.

What to Know Before You Buy

When purchasing a winter cover, consider and compare the following:

The covers come with extra material (above ground covers include 4 feet and inground covers includes 6 feet of extra material) to accommodate the distance to reach the water level.

For example, if you purchase a 15-foot cover, the true size of the cover will be 19 feet. Don't worry if the cover is larger than you expected when it arrives.

Round and Oval covers also include a winch and coated cable to secure the cover to the pool. Rectangle covers have water bag loops to secure the cover outside the pool.

The Winterizing process also means you may water bags. Water bags are sold separately and can be purchased by clicking here.

Winter Cover Warranties

Winter Covers come with a Limited Prorated Manufacturer's Warranty (8-15 years, depending on the cover purchased).

What The Warranty Covers

The warranty is against seam separations only.

What The Warranty Does Not Cover

The warranty does not cover punctures, tears, excessive abrasion, pest damage, et cetera. The warranty does not cover labour charges, the cost of lost water or chemicals, or any other damage that may occur. The manufacturer warrants the Winter cover against defects in quality and materials. The warranty will be void if the cover is damaged due to improper installation or use or if the damage results from ice, wind, or low water level.

Caring For Your Cover

Make sure you take proper care of your Winter cover when it is not in use. Store it in a cool, dry place. Always refer to the manufacturer's storage directions and follow them, and make sure it is stored out of the sun and away from critters!

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