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by Dion Rodrigues

Above Ground pools never stop evolving: here are a few recent advances that make these pools a better choice than ever!

More styles

If you still think aboveground pools all look the same – think again! They come in any number of exciting styles and shades. And with dozens of aboveground pool wall styles and liner options available, you can mix and match for the perfect combination.

Landscaping potential

With all the available looks and styles for your aboveground pool, you can pick the right pool for your yard – and even reinvent your space around the pool you choose!

Resin technology

rustproof, and contoured for great looks, resin is now the leading material for pool construction. But the trusty standby of aboveground pools, steel, has also undergone constant improvement over the years through the development of new coatings and protective finishes to keep it from rusting or degrading. Today’s aboveground pool is er, sturdier, and longer-lasting than ever – a fact reflected in the impressive warranties that come with many high-end pools.

Salt-water chlorination

Once a technology on the cutting edge, salt-water chlorination is now available to consumers across the board. Many family pools are now compatible with salt-water chlorination systems: a low-cost, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly way to keep your pool clean that’s also gentle on the skin. If you’re interested in salt-water chlorination, be sure to mention this to your pool dealer so they can show you compatible models. You can choose this system when you buy your pool, or choose to upgrade later.

Greater height:

While pools always used to be the same size, they’ve grown! 52" pools are gradually replacing the old 48" standard.

Round or oval?

One of the first decisions to make is if you want a round or oval pool. This is more than an aesthetic decision – it means picking the right shape for your yard, and taking into consideration that some oval pool models have “buttresses” – support arms that extend into your yard. Higher-quality pool manufacturers offer oval models with hidden buttress systems (Buttress-Free), giving you all the advantages of an oval pool without the wasted space.

Consider the size of your yard and where you will place the pool, and what you want to build and landscape around it. It’s not just the size of the pool that matters, but whether you can also accommodate a deck and any desired enhancements.  


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