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AlgaeFree Spot Block Stain Eraser (Single)

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Single AlgaeFree Spot Block Stain Eraser

Spot Block is a unique spot stain removal chalk that dissolves metal and organic stains from underwater surfaces. Ideal for removing the waterline scum mark or any other underwater spot stains. Spot Block is a blend of special acids and chelating agents with block technology.

Identify the stains to be removed and you will need to be able to reach the stain with your hands. Then simply rub Spot Block on to the stain. Use a criss-cross pattern to build up a thin layer of Spot Block's unique stain removing chalk over the stain. Check stain after 24 hours and reapply if necessary; severe or old stains may require several treatments. When finished, place Spot Block's in a safe place, away from children to dry before putting back into the container.

Directions for use:

  • Rubber gloves recommended
  • For all vinyl liner surfaces first test a non-conspicuous area. Check treatment area regularly to avoid any fading or damage to the liner surface.
  • First: Identify the stains to be removed. Treat a non-conspicuous area to test results. Using rubber gloves, rub Spotbloc onto stain using a criss-cross pattern to build a layer of the unique stain removing chalk. Alternatively, place the block directly on the stain. For stains above water, mis Spotblc into a paste by adding some water and apply. Check stain periodically and reapply if necessary. When finished place Spotbloc in a safe place away from children to dry before securing away in an approved child resistant container. You can also dissolve Spotbloc in the weir skimmer box to release its neutralizing power on dissolved metals.
  • Underwater Stains: Build up a layer of Spotbloc directly over the stain. Alternatively, throw the bloc into the water and move it around using a pool pole with brush attachment if you cannot easily reach the stain.
  • Fibreglass Pools & Spas: Rub Spotbloc over all the jets, fittings and underwater surfaces to revive and rejuvenate. Then recirculate water for 30 minutes.
  • Old Stubborn Stains: If underwater, build up a layer of Spotbloc onto the stain. Repeat until desired results are obtained. Sometimes older stains will need to be treated first with SeriousStain remover before using Spotbloc.
  • Stone Paving and Grout: Build up a layer of Spotbloc onto the stain and leave for a longer period of time, checking the surface periodically. For stains above the water mis Spotbloc into a paste with some water and smear it on the stain or stained area. Once the area has dried, spray some more water over the area to activate the paste. After treatment wash away all remaining residue.

Pool Stain Removal Guide (2PoolStainRemoval_opt(2).pdf, 838 Kb) [Download]

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