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Aqualamp Rainbow Rays Two Inground Pool In Wall Low Voltage Light System

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New Rainbow Rays Lights will colour your night in a rainbow of colours. LED bulbs last up to 10 times longer then regular bulbs, uses only 30 watts of energy, and have no moving parts to break down.

Key Features

  • Colours available - white, blue, green, pink, turquoise
  • Available in one light system
  • Rainbow Flash most strobes all colours
  • The one-light system at the end of the pool will create a graduated colour sensation
  • Aqualamp will increase night swimming safety while enhancing the beauty of your pool
  • Aqualamp pool light systems have been engineered with pool safety in mind
  • The lights meet Canadian and U.S. electrical standards and are powered by a low 12 Volt system with GFCI ground fault breaker protection. No additional grounding is required
  • With a simple click of the remote controller you can turn the pool lights on or off and change their colours
  • The Aqualamp Remote will also work with existing Aqualamp Pool Lights or other pool or garden lights

Product Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

LED Bulb Installation Instructions (Rainbow_Rays_LED_Bulb_Installation_Instructions.pdf, 95 Kb) [Download]

Aqualamp Rainbow Rays Two Inground Pool In Wall Low Voltage Lights (Aqualamp_Rainbow_Rays_EN_FR.pdf, 3,305 Kb) [Download]

AQ Brochure (Aqualamp_Rainbow_Rays_One_Inground_Pool_In_Wall_Low_Voltage_Light_Brochuret.pdf, 759 Kb) [Download]

AQL EN FR (Aqualamp_Rainbow_Rays_EN_FR_roak-7l.pdf, 3,305 Kb) [Download]

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