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AquaLink PDA-P4 - Pool Only Control System

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The AquaLink Pool Digital Assistant (PDA) brings the power and flexibility of a control system to the palm of your hand.

Designed for wireless use in a backyard environment, the AquaLink PDA packs a powerful pool and spa control system with control of up to eight auxiliaries into an attractive and easy to use, compact, water resistant handheld remote.

The real measure of a control system is not how large and complicated it is, but how compact and easy it is to use. Spend your time enjoying your pool and spa, not dealing with the responsibilities of maintaining it. The AquaLink PDA does that work for you. With built-in features like automatic heater cool down, self monitoring freeze protection, and pool cleaner safety delay, the AquaLink PDA virtually eliminates any concerns about equipment operation. So relax and rest assured that your investment is protected and everything is set just right. The AquaLink PDA has it all under control!

Key Features

  • Complete control system in a wireless, handheld remote
  • Perform every pool and spa function anywhere
  • Water resistant and slip free housing
  • 3 auxiliary circuits

Product Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

AquaLink PDA P4 MANUAL (AquaLink_PDA_P4_MANUAL.pdf, 3,049 Kb) [Download]

AquaLink PDA P4 GUIDE (AquaLink_PDA_P4_GUIDE.pdf, 2,227 Kb) [Download]

Automation - Selection Guide (SA6465.pdf, 1,093 Kb) [Download]

There's nothing I like better than mindless pool control. This makes my life a lot easier for managing the pool. I'm busy enough without having to spend tons of time managing the system and my kids are actually happY!
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