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AquaPill WinterPill Pool Clarifier and Sanitizer (4 inch Large)
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AquaPill WinterPill Pool Clarifier and Sanitizer (4 inch Large)

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Detailed Product Description

The AquaPill WinterPill™ is an all-in-one formula with an exclusive 4-part blend to make Spring openings faster and easier than ever! It has a clarifier to maintain sparkling clear water, a scale inhibitor to prevent scale build-up, and a stain inhibitor to prevent iron, copper and manganese stains. WinterPill is enzyme-enhanced so it naturally destroys all organics, prevents water rings, enhances filter performance and improves sanitizer efficiency.


  • One large WinterPill treats pools up to 115,000 Litres (30,000 gallons) in size
  • Floats under your Winter cover all season
  • Performs well with mesh safety covers
  • Patented 6 month delivery system
  • Safe for use with all pool surfaces and filters

Directions for use:

1. Determine the number of WinterPill capsules needed according to pool size. One 14.2 oz/420 ml WinterPill treats up to 115,000 Litres (30,000 gallons)

2. Shake well before using. Remove the blue piercing tool from the package. Separate the blue piercing tool from the push pin. Place the pointed end of the blue piercing tool into the recessed area of the cap. Holding the capsule, firmly press the blue piercing tool against a hard surface (wooden deck or concrete pad) until the piercing tool punches through the plastic cap. Remove the blue piercing tool. Hold the capsule over the open skimmer. Using the supplied white pushpin, pierce one indent only

3. Place pill in pool. WinterPill will float and dispense formula throughout the Winter season

4. Remove the WinterPill capsule in the Spring and open your pool!

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