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Choosing the Right Type and Amount of Pool Paint

When you’re ready to resurface your pool and pool patio, you’ll discover that there are several different types of paint available, plus primers, surface prep solutions, and conversion solutions. Which type of pool paint do you need, and how much should you buy? This guide will explain what you need to know.

The Different Types of Pool Paint

1. Pool Prep

Before you use a pool paint or primer, you need to clean your pool. Smart Seal has a special solution that lets you clean your pool in a single step.

  • PrepWise: This cleaning solution can be used in many different types of pools, including bare concrete, plaster, painted surfaces, and more. Depending on your pool material you may need to use a more or less dilute solution of the cleaner.

2. Pool Primers

If your pool does not have a coating, you’ll need a primer to help the paint apply properly and look good for years to come.

  • Rough Prime Rough Surface: Use this primer if your bare concrete or plaster pool has a rough surface. It may also be used on sandblasted or fibreglass pools. This primer is thicker, and you’ll need more of it, but it will smooth out your rough pool and allow your pool paint to apply perfectly.

3. Pool Paints

Smart Seal produces several paints you may need to use. All are available in a wide range of colours.

  • Dura Seal Epoxy: If you’ve used the Rubber Conversion solution or have a pool with an epoxy primer or coating, you should use this paint.
  • SR Pro 7 Long-Life Synthetic Rubber: You don’t have to convert your rubber pool to epoxy. Smart Seal produces this paint which can be directly applied to rubber coated pools. However, it will take a minimum of two coats to apply properly.
  • Patio Perfect Patio Paint: Available in six colours, this beautiful paint restores your pool’s patio to pristine condition. We recommend applying two coats.

When to Use Each Pool Paint

Consult the chart below for a quick overview of the various primers, prep solutions and paints you may need, plus their coverage.

Product Pool Surface Coating Product Type Coverage
Rough Surface Epoxy Pool Primer Pool Uncoated rough concrete or plaster Pool primer 1 gallon covers 125-150 sq. feet
Dura Seal Epoxy Pool Bare, sandblasted or old epoxy; Fiberglass with primer Pool paint 1 gallon covers 125-150 sq. feet
Rubber / Long-Life Synthetic Rubber Pool Rubber coating Pool paint 1 gallon covers 250-275 sq. feet
Patio Perfect Patio Paint Pool patio / deck Any pool deck or patio Patio and deck paint Coverage depends on porosity of material; 1 gallon covers 100-125 sq. feet

How to Buy the Right Amount of Pool Paint

Now that you know which pool paints and solutions you should buy, you’ll need to figure out how much of each you need to cover your whole pool. Each product tells you how many square feet it covers, so you need to discover the square footage of your pool and/or patio.

The formula you use to do so depends on the shape of your pool:

Rectangle: length x width x 1.6 = total square feet
“L” shape: length x width x 1.5 = total square feet
Roman: length x width x 1.55 = total square feet
Oval: length x width x 1.65 = total square feet
Freeform: length x width x 1.6 = total square feet

While these formulas only give you approximate square footage, the number you get will be close enough to purchase the right amount of paint.

Ready to get started restoring your pool? For application tips check out our how to guides, or give the expert team at Pool Supplies Canada a call today.

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