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Step 1:

Preparing Your Pool

  • Drain standing water (if applicable), remove, clean and properly store your Winter cover for use in the Fall
  • Use a leaf skimmer to remove any large debris and skim the pool
  • Remove any winterizing plugs, re-connect your lines, and put your skimmer basket and return fitting(s) back in place; replace your basket or return fitting(s) if necessary
  • Fill your pool up to the water line; use a Stain Eraser or scouring pad if necessary to remove any stains
  • Prepare your equipment (re-installing drain plugs, o-rings, etc) and start up your pump; begin circulating your pool water, leaving your salt cell un-installed until your water chemistry is balanced
  • Add your opening pool chemicals to the water - a Pool Supplies Canada premium chemical kit contains the essential chemicals for Spring pool opening, all in one affordable package!
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Step 2:

Adding Your Chemicals

  • Begin balancing your water chemistry; ensure pool water has circulated for at least 8-24 hours before testing it
  • After adjusting pH and alkaline levels, run your pump constantly for a couple of days until desired water chemistry is achieved
  • If your pool water is turning green, add an algaecide treatment
  • Be sure to add shock to your pool after cleaning and vacuuming to kill algae and get water sparkling clean
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Step 3:

Checking Equipment and Accessories

  • Check pool equipment and components for rust, leaks, or other issues and fix as needed; consult owner's manual to ensure any technical or electrical issues are corrected properly
  • Have your heater checked early in the Spring and have any issues fixed immediately with the help of a professional
  • Restore all circuit breakers, switches, time clock trippers, etc to normal operations (if applicable)
  • Patch any small holes or punctures in your liner to prevent larger tears and/or leaks from forming
  • Repair and/or replace any equipment or accessories you find with issues immediately after opening to prevent future issues from arising
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Step 4:

Cleaning Up The Pool

  • Brush the sides of your pool until they are clean, then run your vacuum to catch dirt/debris that settles on the pool floor; if necessary, use a deep leaf rake to skim larger debris out
  • It's recommended to clean or replace the sand or cartridge in your pool filter; a wide selection of replacement cartridges are available on our website, and Filter Media Balls offer a great alternative to sand
  • If applicable, keep 2 sets of filter cartridges on hand, so you can switch out the one(s) used during initial start up with a fresh set
  • A wide variety of automatic suction and robotic vacuum cleaners are available on the market to make cleaning and maintaining your pool easier
  • Use a skimmer sock when starting up your pool to catch dirt and debris before it enters into your filter system
  • Once your pool is clear of debris / algae, clean your salt cell, re-install it and start your salt generator
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Step 5:

Makeover Your Backyard

  • Once your pool is up and running for the Spring, it's time to get Summer-ready with a backyard makeover! Save money and time by building the perfect Canadian backyard oasis with Pool Supplies Canada
  • New patio furniture and decor is the perfect compliment to any above ground, inground or onground pool
  • We offer a wide selection of outdoor furniture sets, chairs, loungers, hammocks, gazebos, umbrellas, heaters and more to affordably upgrade your outdoor living space!
  • Best of all: we offer fast and free shipping across Canada on all patio sets, decor and accessories over $199*!



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