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Clearblue Ionizer System (25,000 Gallons)

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Reduce the chemical concentration in your pool or spa by up to 90%

The Clearblue Ionizer System combines ancient knowledge with modern technology for the most advanced digital ionization system available worldwide. 

The Clearblue Ionizer System is the natural solution to controlling bacteria and algae in pools and spas. For use with pool and spas up to 25,000 gal / 95,000 L in size.


  • Clean, Clear and Natural Water
  • No Chemical Odour
  • Doesn't Dry Your Skin or Hair
  • Alternative to Toxic Chemicals
  • Automated Maintenance
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • pH Neutral System
  • For use with pool and spas up to 25,000 gal / 95,000 L in size
Continually releases precise microscopic ions into the water, controlling bacteria and algae without the danger of using toxic chemicals. Unlike chlorine/bromine, ions are long lasting, they won't dissipate or evaporate and are unaffected by pH, temperature, aeration or sunlight.
  • 1.5" Connection
  • 110V with Plug

Products Includes a 5 Year Limited Warranty

ClearBlue Ionizer Owner's Manual (clearblueoperatingmanual-0527.pdf, 522 Kb) [Download]

We have been using the Clear Blue Ionizer since 2012.

It takes a bit to get used to, but once mastered, chemical use is substantially reduced and we mostly only use our slow trickle chlorination system as a backup to this system.

The pool is currently at 88F, dark blue and clear!
Having owned chlorine and salt based pools in the past, I would not go back to either after running the clear blue system. Spring startup is a snap, even if your water has turned. Getting the chemistry right for ionization is easy and the chemical cost savings are substantial. Highly recommend.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We have natural hot mineral water pools, so not your typical pool set up. Algae grows rapidly and vigorously in hot water and we won't use chemicals or chlorine in them because they are flow through pools, which was also a concern because we wondered if the ions would just flow on out without doing their job. Not the case. This ionizer system makes things so much easier for us...in fact, we know immediately when the ions stop flowing due to the electrodes being worn down (and the lack of ions in the water). The difference in the algae growth is so noticeable that there is NO question that these work! The combination of silver, copper and zinc gives us peace of mind that the water is disinfected as well. We've been using them for years and can't ever see doing without them. I would guess this would work even better in a regular pool or hot tub! Good for people and good for the planet! This company has always been prompt, pleasant and easy to deal with in my experience and I definitely recommend this product!
have 4 in the family...its everything they say it is.....the best
It works! It really works.
after I got my settings down, it didn't take long for me to reach the correct levels of copper in my pool spa. I only ever use a small amount of chlorine to give it a mini-shock if it has rained a lot, or been used a lot and starts looking a little cloudy. But i'm amazed at how clean the pool is kept. My use of chemicals and the hassles associated with balancing the right amounts is virtually non-existent.
Absolutely love the system, we are on our second season now and the waters absolutely beautiful. The ease-of-use with most important to me as a first-time pool owner, not to mention the health benefit my family experience with literally a chemical free pool, one chlorine puck in the skimmer and we were good to go
The Clear Blue ionizer is Awesome. No Chemical Odour
Just Clear and Natural Water. We recommend it to all our friends and family. You definatley must try it !!!!!
I was informed about the Clear Blue Ionizer by a patient and was excited to hear that such a thing exists! My wife swims in our pool everyday from spring to late fall and I was concerned about her exposure to so much chlorine. I was looking at going to salt water but that didn't really appeal to either of us.
The Clear Blue Ionizer has been terrific! We use very little if any chlorine now and the pool has stayed crystal clear. Easy on the eyes, hair and skin and I have no worries about my wife, our kids and grandchildren spending hours in the pool.
Everyone should have this amazing system!
We have been using the Clear Blue Ionizer for a few years (even before it was
approved by Health Canada). So far after all those years our pool has been clear
and clean. We don't use much chlorine thru the summer and therefore the pool
liner is not weakened by a chemical... which in itself is a big plus as it will
last longer. On a personal note, during the summer my wife's hair is shinier and
looks healthier.

we love the Clear BlueIonizer and are recommending it to all of our friends.
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