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Commercial Pool Chemical Maintenance

Commercial pools see a lot more use than residential pools. Every customer brings in bacteria, skin cells, and cosmetics that do two things: change your pool’s pH and make the water dirty. So, you need two solutions, one to purify your pool after heavy use, and the other to rebalance the pH so it’s not as abrasive to your customers’ skin and eyes. Which chemical solutions are best to handle these problems in commercial pools? We’ll discuss them both.

Chemicals to Sanitize Commercial Pools

Commercial pools deal with more contaminants than residential pools, but the solution is the same: regular chlorine for daily use and shock treatments for heavy use. Pool Supplies Canada’s chlorine treatments include:

  • Chlorine: Stabilized granular chlorine controls bacteria and algae in pool water, and acts as both an oxidizer and sanitizer
  • Shock: After heavy use, your commercial pool needs a fast-acting shock treatment. Our shock doesn’t affect your pH levels, but still controls algae and bacteria
  • Oxidizer: Sometimes your commercial pool needs to be sanitized shortly before it will be used. Our non-chlorine shock can quickly shock the water and allow swimmers to dive in as soon as fifteen minutes after treatment

Chemicals to Rebalance Commercial Pool pH

The ideal pH for a commercial pool is 7.2-7.8. This matches the alkalinity of the human body, making the water most comfortable. While residential pools can be checked for alkalinity weekly, commercial pools experience more variability and should be tested daily.

pH Up

Increasing pH is a less common need for commercial pools, but you still need to be prepared in case your pH is down and you need to compensate, especially because a pH level that is too low can corrode your pool and wear down your pool accessories faster than normal. Pool Supplies Canada carries a pH up chemical solution for this use.

pH Down

When people get into the pool, they’ll usually raise your pH level, which means you’ll need more pH down solutions than pH up. It’s not just for comfort, keeping the pH level down will also help chlorine be more effective.

Pool Supplies Canada carries a pH down chemical solution, but we also carry a bulk Alkajuster solution that may make more sense in your commercial pool. This chemical increases the alkalinity of the water, lowering pH, and improving chlorine performance.

Commercial Pool Chemicals from Pool Supplies Canada

We carry bulk commercial pool chemicals for all your commercial pool sanitizing or pH balancing needs. Not seeing what you need? Contact us and speak to our commercial pool and spa supply expert to discuss your needs!

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