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Basic (3-2 Taper) Custom Hot Tub Covers*

Basic Custom Hot Tub Cover
Industry Leading Standard Hot Tub Cover Upgrades
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Pool Supplies Canada's basic custom replacement hot tub cover is our most affordable option for protecting your new or existing hot tub or spa! It features a thickness of 3" that tapers down to 2", improving moisture run off, and a 1.5 lb density foam inside for industry leading insulation. Built from 100% marine grade vinyl material and featuring a standard 6 mil vapour barrier (3 mil on the top of the cover and 3 mil on the bottom) for long lasting protection from water evaporation, our custom replacement hot tub covers meet all ASTM standard requirements and are backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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All of our Custom Replacement Hot Tub Covers Also Feature:

  • Industry Leading UV and Mildew Inhibitors
  • Extensive stiching for increased longevity against wear and tear
  • A double re-inforced folding hinge for longer lifespan and metal C-Channel for increased longevity and better support

* Important Note: Please be aware that our Basic (3" - 2" taper) hot tub covers are designed for use on hot tubs or spas installed indoors, or in areas with mild climates only, and only for spas less then 84 x 84 inches in size. Using these covers on outdoor hot tubs or spas in areas with high rain or snow fall amounts, or with spas that are larger then 84 x 84 inches in size, will cause their foam cores to fail prematurely and will void your warranty. Pool Supplies Canada recommends a 4" - 3" taper or greater hot tub cover for use on larger hot tubs and spas, and those installed outdoors.

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