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Lock In Winter Pool Covers

Pool Supplies Canada is proud to offer quality virgin vinyl lock in pool covers manufacturered from durable virgin vinyl and fabrene material at the best discounted prices in Canada. Our Lock In Covers are for onground and inground pools with a dual track, lock in coping channel only. If your pool does not have a lock in coping channel, a Lock In Cover will not fit your pool.

Feel confident in dealing with Pool Supplies Canada as we have a professional vinyl measuring team on staff to help review your order with you, provide a professional CAD drawing of your pool to verify your measurements, and answer any other questions you may have!

We are currently working on updating our website with new measurement forms for our Lock In Winter Covers! In the meantime, to order a custom Lock In Winter Cover from Pool Supplies Canada, please download and fill out (as completely as possible) one of our Custom Safety Cover Measurement Forms, and specify you would like to order either a Vinyl or Fabrene Lock In Cover.

Approximate Lock In Cover Pricing

  • Cover Material
  • Pool Size
  • Approx. Price*
  • 12' X 24'
  • $330
  • 14' X 28'
  • $420
  • Vinyl
  • 16' X 32'
  • $520
  • 18' X 36'
  • $640
  • 20' X 40'
  • $770
  • 12' X 24'
  • $280
  • 14' X 28'
  • $360
  • Fabrene
  • 16' X 32'
  • $440
  • 18' X 36'
  • $540
  • 20' X 40'
  • $650

*Starting at

Why Choose a Pool Supplies Canada Lock In Cover? We Offer:

  • The best prices in Canada!
  • Our Lock In Covers are made from 100% Virgin, 13 Gauge Vinyl (Vinyl Covers) or 100% Fabrene Material (Fabrene Covers)
  • These Lock In Covers are produced in Canada and offer a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty (pro-rated) on seam seperations
  • Liners manufactured from strong and durable 100% virgin Vinyl / Fabrene can stand up against extreme temperatures
  • Every Individual Lock In Cover is custom made to fit your pool exactly
  • Designed for use on Onground / Inground Pools with Lock In Channel Coping

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