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Electric Pool and Spa Heaters

How do Electric Pool and Spa Heaters work?

An electric pool heater creates heat in your pool or spa by applying an electrical current to a element with resistance, this generates heat. The electric heater pass water over the element, heats it, and exits the assembly housing warm and back into the pool or hot tub until the desired temperature is reached. Electric pool heaters are most appropriate for heating spas and small above ground pools.

How much will it cost?

It is quite easy to determine the cost per day, The formula is Power X Hours per day X Price Per KW. For this scenario we are going to use a K5 (which is a 5 KW unit), for 24 hours at an estimated $0.06 per KW. 5 KW X 24 Hours X .06 = $7.20 to run this unit, per day. This is actually an unrealistic price as once the pool is heated the unit will turn the heating elements on and off to maintain the temperature of the water rather then running at full power all the time.

Refer to the sizing chart on this page to determine the Electric Heater you require.

Pool Size Electric Heater Size
15 ft Round 5KW
18 ft Round 10KW
21 ft Round 10KW
24 ft Round 15KW
27 ft Round 15KW
12 x 24 ft 10KW
14 x 28 ft 10KW
16 x 32 ft 15KW

Note: All figures above are approximate and based on a constant depth of 48". Use only as a guideline.

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