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General Pool Maintenance

Vacuuming Steps:

  1. Remove the weir from the skimmer throat
  2. Set inlet valve to the full skim position and set filter dial to the filter position
  3. Attach the vacuum pole to the vacuum handle
  4. Put the vacuum head with pole and hose attached to it into the pool
  5. Fill the vacuum hose with water by placing the end over the return fitting until all air is discharged from the vacuum hose
  6. Attach the vacuum adaptor plate to one end of the vacuum hose
  7. When the hose is full of water, to prevent the water from draining, cover the end of the hose with the vacuum adaptor with your hand. Then take the hose to the skimmer and quickly insert it over the top of the basket inside the skimmer
  8. Now you can proceed to vacuum with slow, deliberate movements
  9. When you are finished vacuuming, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL THE VACUUM PLATE ADAPTOR OFF THE TOP OF THE SKIMMER until you have turned the filter off or you will damage the basket


Backwashing should be done when the pressure in the filter raises 5 PSI higher than normal (normal operating pressure is the pressure the gauge shows immediately after backwashing)

Backwashing Steps:

  1. Turn the pump off
  2. Set the filter to the backwash setting by pushing and turning the handle on top of the filter
  3. Place the discharge/backwash hose to a desired area ensuring that it is rolled out flat
  4. Turn the pump on
  5. Continue to run the pump until the water in the site glass goes clear. If your filter does not have a site glass just check the water coming out of the discharge hose. A normal backwash should take about 1 – 2 minutes depending on the varying factors
  6. After backwash is complete turn the pump off
  7. Change the filter setting to rinse
  8. Turn the pump on and let it run for 15 – 20 seconds
  9. Turn the pump off and change the filter back to filter setting

Other Pool Tips:

  • Do read the pool’s owner’s manual
  • Don’t turn off the pump for at least 20 minutes after a heater has been turned on and is heating the pool
  • Don’t change the positions on the sand filter while the pump is running
  • Don’t open the lid to the pump or open any chemical feeders while the pump is running
  • Don’t swim for at least 12 hours after superchlorinating your pool
  • Don’t attempt to pull the vacuum plate off the skimmer basket while the pump is running
  • Don’t extend your pool vacuum hose to its full length
  • Don’t add water to your chemicals! Always add chemicals directly to the water for mixing
  • NEVER combine stabilized and unstabilized chlorine in the same container
  • NEVER combine chlorine and any acid (pH minus/muriatic acid) in the same container
  • Shop for pool supplies and chemicals at Pool Supplies Canada! Other vendors may sell various quality products with reduced concentrations and fillers!

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